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Saturday September 16th, 2017 morning edition

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The case of Felix Batista highlights the growing danger kidnapping gangs pose south of the border.

One month ago, an American expert on kidnapping was himself abducted in northern Mexico.

Felix Batista had been invited to the relatively quiet city of Saltillo to give seminars on corporate security.

Batista worked as a private hostage negotiator, and his former employer says he successfully resolved nearly a hundred kidnappings.

JASON BEAUBIEN: This week in Miami, Felix Batista's wife, Lourdes, made an impassioned plea for her husband's life.

Local officials say they're not calling his disappearance a kidnapping because so far, there's been no ransom demand.

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Jessica Jones Season 2 Wraps Production

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Jessica Jones has finally wrapped production on its second season, merely five months after it began.

Despite having his neck snapped at the end of the first season, David Tennant’s Kilgrave is also returning in some capacity for the upcoming season.

There’s no word on when Jessica Jones Season 2 will be released on the streaming service, though a late 2018 release sounds achievable. »

Cleveland woman repeatedly stabs boyfriend after finding him naked on top of 12-year-old daughter, reports say

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Cleveland woman repeatedly stabbed her boyfriend in a fit of rage after finding him naked on top of her daughter, according to police records.

The 31-year-old man was stabbed five times in his chest and once in the back of his head, a police report says.

She called police saying that "her boyfriend tried touching her daughter and she stabbed him," records say. »

Russia gave $50,000 to UN expert who wrote report calling Russia a victim

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Russia immediately embraced the report, saying that Moscow “categorically rejected unilateral coercive measures” which amounted to “collective punishment” and “violated the standards of international law and fundamental human rights.”.

Sanctions had been imposed “following the legitimate right of the citizens of Crimea to exercise their right to self-determination.”.

(a) Did you receive the Russian funds before or after you wrote this report, in which you describe Russia as a human rights victim?. »