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Tuesday March 19th, 2024 night edition

image for Trump has been unable to get bond for $464 million judgment, his lawyers say

They've asked an appeals court to step in in the meantime and said Monday that they have not had any success getting a bond.

"Defendants’ ongoing diligent efforts have proven that a bond in the judgment’s full amount is 'a practical impossibility,'" the filing said.

Donald Trump during a "Get Out the Vote" rally in Rome, Ga., on March 9.

The lawyers also noted those companies typically “require collateral of approximately 120% of the amount of the judgment” — which would total about $557 million.

In a filing last month, Trump's lawyers asked that the bond amount be reduced to $100 million, but Monday's filing argues he shouldn't have to put up any bond at all.

Of that amount on the date the judgment was entered, the vast majority, or about $454 million, was against Trump and his companies.

In a separate case in New York federal court, Trump last week posted a $91 million bond to secure writer E. Jean Carroll's $83 million defamation judgment against him while he appeals that verdict as well. »

FBI returns 22 looted artifacts to Japan after discovery in Massachusetts attic

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The FBI has returned 22 centuries-old artifacts to Okinawa, Japan, after a family discovered them in their late father’s attic in Massachusetts.

View image in fullscreen Tapestry is one of 22 historic artifacts that were looted following the Battle of Okinawa in the second world war.

After the artifacts’ discovery, the FBI transported the items to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Asian Art in Washington DC. »

Biden speaks with Netanyahu amid escalating tensions in U.S.-Israel, warns against Rafah invasion

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WASHINGTON — During a critical phone call Monday, President Joe Biden warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against Israel's carrying out a planned military operation in Rafah, the White House said.

Monday’s call was the 20th between Biden and Netanyahu since Hamas’ brutal assault on Israel on Oct. 7.

That’s something that Israel, the Israeli public does on its own, and we’re not a banana republic. »

Donald Trump Admits He Can't Get $464M Bond: 'Practical Impossibility'

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Trump was ordered to pay a penalty of $355 million, which, with interest, came to a total of over $454 million.

Since the penalty was issued, observers have speculated that Trump might not be able to pay this amount, given his other mounting legal costs and financial headaches.

Former President Donald Trump in a New York City court on January 11. »