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Thursday February 22nd, 2024 evening edition

image for Alabama’s Unhinged Embryo Ruling Shows Where the Anti-Abortion Movement Is Headed

Where might this ruling take us in this legal era following the Dobbs decision—an era already marked by uncertainty as if by design?

(Some media coverage so far has unfortunately only fed the uncertainty, mistakenly referring to “frozen eggs” rather than “frozen embryos.”

You might think the ramifications are on hold until this case hits the Supreme Court, but that’s unlikely, law professor Mary Ziegler told NPR.

The ruling leaves open another legal question: If a frozen embryo is a child, and if it may not be destroyed, what outcome does the law permit?

Christianity Today wondered just a few months ago if embryo adoption might be “the next pro-life frontier.”

This is where the anti-abortion movement has always been headed.

This time, they’re getting what they want before most people have realized what they were after. »

Gunmen sent by Moscow killed defector sheltering in Alicante, Spanish intelligence services say

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When the victim’s identity had not yet been confirmed, Russian media were the first to report the news of Kuzminov’s death.

Last October, Russian public television claimed, showing three alleged GRU members, that they had been ordered to kill the defector.

Sources in the Spanish intelligence services admit, however, that it is very difficult for the investigation to find evidence of the involvement of any of them. »

Elden Ring boss discusses Bloodborne remake, benefits of waiting for new hardware

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FromSoft boss Hidetaka Miyazaki has discussed the possibility of a Bloodborne remake, and the benefits of waiting for new hardware on which to revisit the beloved PlayStation 4 classic.

"Things you weren't able to achieve on previous generations of hardware, ways you weren't able to render specific expressions - [new hardware] sometimes makes it possible.

EXCLUSIVE Elden Ring DLC Interview: Hidetaka Miyazaki on New Shadow Of The Erdtree Details Miyazaki talks Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree with Eurogamer. »

Japan’s millennia-old ‘naked man festival’ ending because of population decline

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Japan’s population has been in steady decline since its economic boom of the 1980s, with a fertility rate of 1.3 – far below the rate of 2.1 required to maintain a stable population.

They now face a ballooning elderly population and shrinking workforce, in a challenge to fund pensions and health care as demand from the aging population surges.

The Somin-sai festival was one of three major “naked man” or Hadaka Matsuri festivals held in the country. »

AT&T cellular outage in United States disrupts vital services

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"Our network teams took immediate action and so far three-quarters of our network has been restored.

Phones affected by the outage have displayed zero service bars in the top right corner of their device or the letters SOS.

"Downdetector is likely reflecting challenges our customers were having attempting to connect to users on other networks," T-Mobile said in an emailed statement. »