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Sunday February 4th, 2024 evening edition

image for A South Dakota tribe banned Gov. Kristi Noem from a reservation over her US-Mexico border remarks

“Due to the safety of the Oyate, effective immediately, you are hereby Banished from the homelands of the Oglala Sioux Tribe!”

Tribe President Frank Star Comes Out said in a Friday statement addressed to Noem.

Star Comes Out accused Noem of trying to use the border issue to help get former U.S. President Donald Trump re-elected and boost her chances of becoming his running mate.

He added that the tribe is a sovereign nation and does not belong to the state of South Dakota.

FILE - Oglala Sioux Tribe President Frank Star Comes Out stands outside the Andrew W. Bogue Federal Building and U.S.

In November, Star Comes Out declared a state of emergency on the Pine Ridge Reservation due to increasing crime.

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‘Making Donald Trump a loser again’: Biden wins big in South Carolina

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Biden and the Democratic National Committee had successfully lobbied to thwart tradition and designate South Carolina the first contest for the party’s presidential nomination instead of Iowa and New Hampshire.

In two weeks, Donald Trump is expected to capture the win in the Republican primary in the same state, which Biden directly addressed in his statement soon after his victory was confirmed.

“Now in 2024, the people of South Carolina have spoken again and I have no doubt that you have set us on the path to winning the Presidency again – and making Donald Trump a loser – again.”. »

Russia Has Massed 500 Tanks For An Attack On Kupyansk. Thousands Of Ukrainian Drones Await Them.

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According to Ukraine’s eastern command, Russia has assembled a huge field army in eastern Ukraine opposite the free Ukrainian city of Kupyansk.

Drone-operators have made quick work of small Russian assault groups that, for months now, have been probing the Kupyansk sector.

But can a swarm of two-pound drones, even thousands of them, defeat 500 tanks and 650 fighting vehicles as they attack behind a wall of artillery fire? »

Germany: Tens of thousands in Berlin protest far right – DW – 02

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Around 150,000 people have attended a protest rally in the German capital, Berlin, against the far right and its ideology, the latest in a series of such demonstrations across Germany in recent weeks.

Berlin police said on Saturday afternoon that more than 150,000 people were attending the demonstration, while organizers put the figure at around 300,000.

I think it is good that people here are showing that they are against exclusion," a man at the protest in Berlin told DW. »