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Saturday January 6th, 2024 morning edition

image for Joe Biden Just Delivered the Speech Democrats Have Been Desperate for Him to Give

Democrats have been desperate for Joe Biden to hold nothing back in defining former President Donald Trump as an anti-democratic threat.

Biden’s 32-minute speech was a point-by-point takedown of Trump’s actions around the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, three years ago tomorrow.

“But the legal path just took Trump back to the truth: That I’d won the election and he was a loser.”.

President Joe Biden speaks during a campaign event at Montgomery County Community College January 5, 2024 in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

That response will likely only embolden Democrats who would like Biden to talk more about Trump.

“There's no shortage of Democrats who often wet their bed wondering if President Biden is the right choice for them to get behind,” said Parkhomenko.

“And this is exactly the kind of speech that puts those thoughts and very siloed efforts to rest. »

A Hard-Won Victory That Ukraine Stands to Lose

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But the cost and difficulty of the battle also illustrated just how monumental a task Ukraine set itself with its counteroffensive.

But the factors that made this victory so hard-won will make it as hard or harder to repeat.

We visited Position X with Ukrainian troops in November 2023 and spoke with commanders about their victory there and the battlefield beyond. »

VR game studio Archiact announces layoffs

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VR game developer Archiact has announced redundancies have taken place at the studio.

The Doom 3: VR Edition maker did not disclose how many employees were affected by the decision.

According to its social media post, the affected employees included those from QA, IT, audio, and game design. »

Radio reporter fired over comedy act reinstated after an arbitrator finds his jokes ‘funny’

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A reporter who was fired for his standup comedy has been reinstated to his job at a Philadelphia-based public radio station through an arbitrator, who agreed that his jokes were, in some part, funny.

He was frustrated that, when he was first fired, people thought it was an obvious conclusion for telling jokes while having a day job.

You’re off hours, you’re having fun with, like, creative expression, of course you should get fired for that,’ ” he said. »