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Thursday January 4th, 2024 night edition

image for NATO to Buy 1,000 Patriot Missiles in Face of Russia Threat

NATO members in Europe have signed a contract for up to 1,000 Patriot missiles to bolster air defenses in the face of the threat from Russia, the alliance said Wednesday.

NATO’s procurement agency said the deal agreed upon by an initial group of countries including Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, and Spain would see Patriot missile production stepped up in Europe.

Alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the “timely announcement to invest in up to 1,000 new Patriot air defense missiles to bolster the alliance’s security.”.

“Russian missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian civilians, cities and towns show how important modern air defences are.

NATO allies including the United States and Germany have sent US-made Patriot systems to Ukraine, where they have been used to shoot down attacks by Russia’s hypersonic missiles.

“Europe will produce 1,000 Patriot air defence missiles itself.

Patriot missiles are estimated to cost around $4 million each, and NATO said the deal also includes other elements including test equipment and spare parts for future maintenance. »

Climate scientists hail 2023 as ‘beginning of the end’ for fossil fuel era

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A growing number of climate analysts believe that 2023 may be recorded as the year in which annual emissions reached a pinnacle before the global fossil fuel economy begins a terminal decline.

“We can take a small pause to celebrate this tipping point,” said Dave Jones, a director at the climate thinktank Ember.

This creates a disincentive to switch from a fossil fuel vehicle or heating system to an electric alternative if it’s cheaper to use gas or oil. »

The War in Ukraine Is Not a Stalemate

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During World War II, the British military considered 22 weeks the minimum time necessary to prepare a soldier for infantry combat.

To regenerate offensive capacity and defend itself against Russian attacks, Ukraine will need approximately 1,800 replacement artillery barrels per year.

Some leaders in Western capitals now argue that it is time to negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine. »

Conservatives Are Having a Meltdown Over Trump and the Epstein List

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“Every time they want to cover their tracks, they go after Trump.”.

Many of the names are expected to be publicly known Epstein associates, including employees of the financier.

The latter will likely include some public figures who have already been explicitly tied to the sex trafficker, including British Prince Andrew and, of course, Donald Trump. »