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Wednesday December 20th, 2023 evening edition

image for Trump Acknowledges Hitler Comparisons — Doubles Down Anyway

Donald Trump accused immigrants of “destroying the blood of our country” during a campaign rally in Iowa Tuesday, repeating hateful rhetoric echoing white supremacists and genocidal Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

“They’re destroying the blood of our country.

They don’t like it when I said that — and I never read Mein Kampf,” said Trump, referencing Hitler’s manifesto.

“And they’re destroying the blood of our country.

“Other candidates are betting on turning out existing caucusgoers,” a senior Trump campaign official told CNN when explaining the campaign strategy.

Trump has reportedly acknowledged that he was once gifted a copy of Hitler’s book.

According to his ex-wife, Ivana Trump, the former president kept a collection of Hitler’s speeches in a cabinet at his bedside and would read them. »

Indian government accused of attack on democracy as 141 MPs suspended

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Photograph: AP India Indian government accused of attack on democracy as 141 MPs suspended Opposition politicians excluded from rest of winter session for protesting against parliament security breach Hannah Ellis-Petersen in Delhi Tue 19 Dec 2023 17.29 CET Share on Facebook.

The ruling Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) government was accused of a direct attack on democracy and creating “anarchy” after 141 MPs from 11 different opposition parties, who sit in the lower and upper houses of parliament, were suspended for the rest of the winter session.

While opposition MPs have been suspended by the BJP government in the past, this was the most bulk suspensions of MPs on record in Indian parliamentary history. »

Ukrainian soldiers say Russian drones are dropping tear gas on the front lines, choking troops and starting fires in the trenches

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Ukrainian soldiers battling in front-line trenches say they are facing a terrifying threat from Russian drones: CS gas, also known as tear gas, leaving troops fighting for breath as fires start around them.

Ukrainian troops stationed along the front told CNN about their experiences, reporting a recent surge in the use of tear gas, which is purportedly being dropped by Russian drones into trenches. »

Mobster Does Not Regret the ‘Great’ Topless Photo That Led to Arrest

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A Colombo crime family “underboss” sentenced to prison this week for extortion and money laundering has said he doesn’t regret the topless poolside photo that led to his arrest.

For his role, DiMatteo, 68, pleaded guilty to racketeering involving extortion and the conspiracy to commit money laundering.

DiMatteo was the only one of the 14 Colombo family mobsters who evaded police after being indicted in 2021. »

‘Ready to look into it’: PM Modi’s first reaction to Pannun assassination plot claims by US

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However, PM Modi also said that India was “deeply concerned about the activities of certain extremist groups based overseas”.

The Indian government is also probing inputs shared by US agencies as an Indian official is allegedly involved in planning the plot.

The US federal prosecutors filed an indictment in November detailing the alleged plot against Pannun, who holds dual nationality of US and Canada. »