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Friday December 1st, 2023 evening edition

image for Final Fantasy 16 actor criticizes job security in the games industry amid thousands of lay offs: "Honestly, are we going to get serious?"

Ben Starr, the voice behind Final Fantasy 16’s main man Clive, called out the video game industry’s recent instability in a viral clip.

Ahead of his Golden Joystick win for Best Lead Performer, Ben Starr was asked about whether or not 2023 was the best year for games.

“Honestly, are we going to get serious?”

"Final Fantasy XVI actor and passionate gamer @The_Ben_Starr gets real about the complex state of the gaming industry 30, 2023 See more.

Layoffs and job insecurity have always been issues in the industry, but in 2023, the problem seems to have ballooned as almost every major tech company made cuts.

And those examples only scratch the surface of how dire 2023 has been for developers, despite the industry’s growth.

GTA 6’s publisher blames the layoffs on “the enthusiasm of the pandemic,” and believes that some companies overextended themselves during lockdown. »

South Koreans want their own nuclear weapons: How will it affect the already volatile region?

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The sharp rise in support for South Korean nuclear weapons is not occurring in a vacuum.

Asked about the South Korean public’s support for creating its own nuclear force, Milley said, “The United States would prefer non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

“So, if South Korea gets nuclear weapons, we’ll secure an advantageous position where North Korea can’t rival us.”. »

Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom clash over anti-LGBTQ laws

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Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis and California Democrat governor Gavin Newsom went head-to-head in a public debate where Newsom blasted the Florida governor over his anti-LGBTQ+ laws.

Newsom, however, accused the GOP contender as trying to “bring us back to the pre-1960s or older, America in reverse”.

Unlike DeSantis, Newsom is not seeking his party’s nomination next year. »