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Saturday October 14th, 2023 morning edition

image for Ark. Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders to face GOP-led audit over $19K lectern

What started with raised eyebrows over a hefty price tag has given rise to questions about the state’s handling of public information requests.

Now, a Republican legislative panel will audit the lectern purchase, as well as how Sanders’s office handles open-records requests.

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Arkansas Republicans on Thursday approved an audit of their governor’s purchases after a blogger’s open-records requests unleashed a political storm that has resulted in claims about the state altering public documents.

In a statement to The Washington Post, a spokesperson for Sanders said the governor’s office welcomes the audit, calling the situation “nothing more than a manufactured controversy by left wing activists to distract from the bold conservative reforms the legislature has passed and the governor has signed into law and is effectively implementing in Arkansas. »

Ubisoft Believes Physical Media Won’t Completely Die Out

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According to Ubisoft, there will always be a place for physical media.

The SVP was also asked about the future of physical media, and he replied that digital media is unlikely to completely take over.

The Ubisoft executive pointed out that physical media still has its benefits, particularly as a collector’s item. »

At breakfast, this group always leaves at least a $1,000 tip

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He and four family members have humanitarian parole so they can work in the United States until December 2024, he said.

He said he was shocked to receive such a large tip from the $1,000 Breakfast Club.

“I want to start a group to go to breakfast, 10 of us, and we each bring $100 to tip the waiter,” Brooks wrote. »

New Portable Water Treatment System Vaporizes 99% of ‘Forever Chemicals’

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A startup based in Tacoma, Washington has devised a portable system capable of removing the vast majority of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, from water.

Housed within a 10-by-8-foot corrugated shipping container, the “PFAS Destruction Unit” is already helping tackle pollution around the state.

The system uses hydrothermal alkaline treatment, or HALT, to eliminate 99% of forever chemicals from water, as documented by scientific journals like Chemosphere and Environmental Science & Technology Letters . »

Blinken warned lawmakers Azerbaijan may invade Armenia in coming weeks

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He added that State saw a possibility that Azerbaijan would invade southern Armenia in the coming weeks.

Still, Blinken expressed confidence about ongoing diplomatic talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan to the Democratic lawmakers, among them Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Anna Eshoo of California, and Frank Pallone of New Jersey.

Two additional people confirmed that a briefing happened on the situation in Azerbaijan, but did not provide details. »