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Thursday September 14th, 2023 morning edition

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On Tuesday afternoon, the Financial Times reported that his departure was the result of his failure to disclose the “extent” of his “past personal relationships with colleagues,” per BP.

“He did not provide details of all relationships and accepts he was obligated to make more complete disclosure,” the company said, noting that that it was conducting an ongoing investigation into his conduct following multiple “allegations.”

Looney, 53, who has worked at BP since 1991, was brought on as CEO in 2020 as a fresh face to pivot the company formerly known as British Petroleum toward the future.

He made $12 million last year, which is more than double what he took home in 2021.

Details about Looney’s departure are still scant.

He called it the “beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era.”

In 2018, two years before Looney took office, fossil fuel pollution was found to be responsible for one in five deaths worldwide. »

Xi Jinping Is Done With the Established World Order

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His absence sends a stark signal: China is done with the established world order.

His predecessors integrated China into the U.S.-led global order by joining its foundational institutions, such as the World Bank and the World Trade Organization.

But over the course of his rule, Xi has grown hostile to the existing order and intent on altering it. »

Mitt Romney says he will not seek a second term in the Senate

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Romney, elected to the Senate in 2018 with 63 percent of the vote, said he will serve out the duration of his term, which ends in January 2025.

Republicans have speculated that because of his opposition to Trump, Romney could face a difficult battle to win a second term if he decided to run again.

The highest-achieving Mormon politician of his time, Romney twice sought the presidency and served as governor of Massachusetts before moving to Utah and being elected to the Senate. »