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Monday September 11st, 2023 day edition

image for Kenjuan McDaniel: Rapper arrested on a murder charge after allegedly writing a song and making a music video about the crime

A Nevada rapper was arrested on a murder charge after Las Vegas police said he “confessed to the murder in his (song) lyrics.”.

Kenjuan McDaniel was arrested August 29 on a charge of open murder with a deadly weapon, a news release from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said.

His bail was set Thursday at $1 million with electronic monitoring, according to court records.

In July, a detective noticed a music video posted by McDaniel on YouTube and reviewed the lyrics and video, the warrant said.

“Detectives noted the music video bore a sufficient level of similarity to the details of the murder.

… Details provided by Kenjuan in his music video were not released to the public and would not be common knowledge,” the warrant said.

“The facts gathered during the investigation were obtained separately from the music video. »

Xbox boss Phil Spencer addresses potential Elder Scrolls 6 exclusivity

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Microsoft’s head of gaming has addressed the subject of whether The Elder Scrolls 6 will be an Xbox exclusive.

In an interview with Bloomberg this week, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was asked whether Elder Scrolls 6 will also be an exclusive and how Microsoft decides whether it’s on “the right track” with this release strategy.

In a November 2021 interview, Spencer appeared to suggest Elder Scrolls 6 wouldn’t be available on PlayStation, when he said adopting an exclusivity strategy “is not about punishing any other platform”. »

Niger junta accuses France of amassing forces for a military intervention after the coup in July

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ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Niger’s new military leaders accused France of amassing forces for a possible military intervention in the country following the coup in July.

Niger’s junta spokesman, Maj. Amadou Abdramane, said that France is also considering collaborating in such an intervention with the Economic Community of West African States, a regional bloc known as ECOWAS.

“France continues to deploy its forces in several ECOWAS countries as part of preparations for an aggression against Niger,” Abdramane said late Saturday in a statement broadcast on state television. »

Delta passenger's dog who went missing at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport found safe after 3 weeks

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After enduring nearly a month of heartache and anxiety, a dog owner can finally rest after her missing dog was found safely at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport on Saturday, according to airport officials.

Delta Air Lines passenger Paula Rodriguez’s 6-year-old dog, Maia, was lost in August at the airport, which is considered the busiest in the world.

Her worst fears faded on Saturday when Atlanta Airport officials announced Maia’s discovery three weeks after she was lost. »