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Thursday September 7th, 2023 evening edition

image for Trump plans to become a dictator — denial will not save you

Like other dictators, he is threatening to put his "enemies" in prison – and to do even worse things to them.

In "banana republics" the enemies of the leader and the regime are usually imprisoned, tortured, executed, and face death squads and mass executions.

Trump himself has publicly expressed his admiration for murderous dictators and autocrats such as Vladimir Putin and N. Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

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Ignoring the danger will not make it disappear or otherwise go away; moreover, to ignore Trumpism and neofascism is to normalize them.

Project 2025 is a strategy that has been developed by right-wing think tanks and interest groups such as the Heritage Foundation.

That wisdom and warning most certainly applies to Trump and his MAGAites and the other neofascists and members of the white right. »

Let down by Moscow, Armenia looks to the West

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“This example should demonstrate to us that dependence on just one partner in security matters is a strategic mistake,” he added.

Between 2011 and 2020, Russia was the largest supplier of arms to both Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Since last September’s escalation with Azerbaijan, Armenia has taken a host of concrete actions to distance itself from the CSTO. »

'Russian Flag Cannot Be At Paris Olympics,' Macron Says

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Denise Brown, the UN's humanitarian envoy for Ukraine, denounced the attack as "despicable," and the European Union condemned it as "heinous and barbaric.".

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said these "brutal Russian attacks" underscore the importance of continuing to support the people of Ukraine.

Last week, White House national-security adviser Jake Sullivan met with three top Ukrainian officials to discuss efforts to tackle wartime graft. »