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Tuesday September 5th, 2023 day edition

image for Upward of 20,000 Ukrainian amputees face trauma on a scale unseen since WWI

He does not yet know when he’ll receive a prosthesis, which must be fitted individually to each patient.

Ukraine is facing a future with upward of 20,000 amputees, many of them soldiers who are also suffering psychological trauma from their time at the front.

Europe has experienced nothing like it since World War I, and the United States not since the Civil War.

Mykhailo Yurchuk, a paratrooper, was wounded in the first weeks of the war near the city of Izium.

All he could think about at the time, he said, was ending it all with a grenade.

That kind of connection will need to be replicated across Ukraine, formally and informally, for thousands of amputees.

Rehabilitation centers Unbroken and Superhumans provide prostheses for Ukrainian soldiers with funds provided by donor countries, charity organizations and private Ukrainian companies. »

Farms with natural landscape features provide sanctuary for some Costa Rica rainforest birds

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Small farms with natural landscape features such as shade trees, hedgerows and tracts of intact forest provide a refuge for some tropical bird populations, according to an 18-year study in Costa Rica.

While birds thrive the most in undisturbed rainforests, Zook said some species usually found in forests can establish populations in “diversified farms” that partially mimic a natural forest environment.

Three-quarters of the 305 species found in diversified farms showed stable or growing populations over the time of study. »

Russia arrests mathematician on terrorism charges minutes after his release from prison

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Authorities in Russia have arrested a mathematician on terrorism charges after he completed a prison sentence.

MOSCOW -- Authorities in Russia arrested a mathematician on terrorism charges Monday after he had just completed a prison sentence for hooliganism, the latest step in a years-long Kremlin crackdown on political opponents.

The number of arrests and raids targeting opposition activists increased exponentially after Russia sent troops into Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022. »

Donald Trump Spends Labor Day Weekend Planning A Revenge Tour

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“They have started a whole new Banana Republic way of thinking about political campaigns.

In FiveThirtyEight’s compilation of GOP primary polls, Trump currently holds a commanding 37-point lead over second-place Ron DeSantis.

The first New York Times poll of the 2024 race showed Trump and Biden in a dead heat. »