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Monday September 4th, 2023 night edition

image for Burning Man flooding strands tens of thousands at Nevada site; authorities are investigating 1 death

But some Burning Man revelers said Sunday that their spirits remained unbroken.

More than a half an inch (1.3 centimeters) of rain fell at the festival site on Friday, disrupting this year’s festival.

“Already, everywhere from Reno up to the Burning Man area, Black Rock, we’ve already exceeded that — and it’s only three days into the month,” he said.

London, the southern California photographer who was attending his 20th Burning Man and just published a book on the festival, “Burning Man: Art On Fire,” spent much of Saturday walking barefoot across the site, which is about 5 square miles.

Ed Fletcher of Sacramento, a longtime Burning Man attendee, arrived in Black Rock City over a week ago to start setting up.

On their website, organizers encouraged participants to remain calm and suggested that the festival is built to endure conditions like the flooding.

John Asselin, a spokesperson for the Bureau of Land Management, said he had seen “a steady stream” of vehicles leaving the festival site. »

Push To Strip Fox’s Broadcast License Over Election Lies Gains New Momentum

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Last July, we noted how media reform activists had petitioned the FCC to revoke Fox News’ local broadcast license in Philadelphia.

To be clear, a single Fox broadcast affiliate losing its license to broadcast in Philly wouldn’t have much of an impact on Fox’s ongoing efforts to spew GOP propaganda nationwide.

Push To Strip Fox’s Broadcast License Over Election Lies Gains New Momentum. »

How solar has exploded in the US in just a year – in numbers

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Since President Joe Biden signed the IRA in August 2022, 51 solar factories have been announced or expanded in the US.

These announcements include 85 GW of solar panel capacity, 43 GW of solar cells, 20 GW of silicon ingots and wafers, and 7 GW of inverter capacity:.

Solar factories announced in the last year are going to employ more than 20,000 Americans. »

Weekly data: South Africa’s unprecedented rooftop solar boom

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Some 15 of South Africa’s 17 coal power stations were commissioned between 1961 and 1996.

South Africa’s central bank estimates that it has cut 2% from the country’s economic growth rate this year.

South African energy expert Anton Eberhard has crunched data released by Eskom to find that South Africa's installed rooftop solar PV capacity increased from 983MW in March 2022 to 4,412MW in June 2023. »