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Saturday September 2nd, 2023 night edition

image for A New Rudy Scandal: FBI Agent Says Giuliani Was Co-opted by Russian Intelligence

But another major Giuliani development has drawn less attention: An FBI whistleblower filed a statement asserting that Giuliani “may have been compromised” by Russian intelligence while working as a lawyer and adviser to Trump during the 2020 campaign.

And apparently Trump has not helped the supposedly broke Giuliani cover his legal bills, though the former president did agree to headline a fundraiser for Giuliani.

This smear campaign led to Trump’s first impeachment and resulted in a federal investigation into whether Giuliani violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

But, according to Buma and various US intelligence findings, Giuliani apparently was a dupe—a useful idiot—for suspected Russian operatives and propagandists.

Buma’s statement highlights Giuliani’s relationship with Pavel Fuks, a wealthy Ukrainian developer, who in 2017 hired Giuliani and paid him $300,000.

In his statement, Buma says that the FBI assessed Fuks to be a “co-opted asset” of Russian intelligence services, meaning a person who Russian intelligence used to advance its goals.

In his statement, Buma says that he developed suspicions that Giuliani, through his relationship with Fuks, was “compromised by the RIS,” meaning the Russian Intelligence Services. »

After nearly 30 years, Pennsylvania will end state funding for anti-abortion counseling centers

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Pennsylvania plans to end on Dec. 31 its longstanding contract with the nonprofit Real Alternatives, the first organization in the nation to secure significant state and federal subsidies to support anti-abortion counseling centers.

Under the program, Real Alternatives distributed the state and federal funds to dozens of Pennsylvania centers, including Catholic Charities, anti-abortion counseling centers and maternity homes, which provide support and housing for pregnant women.

While it’s not their entire budget, the loss of funding will impact the center’s longevity, she said. »

Chart: Renewables are on track to keep getting cheaper and cheaper

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Renewable energy already beats fossil fuels on cost globally — and according to analysts, the gap is only going to grow.

Canary Media’s chart of the week translates crucial data about the clean energy transition into a visual format.

What we’re living in ​“is an energy technology revolution,” said report co-author Kingsmill Bond, an energy strategist at RMI. »

Dallas apartment evicts tenant, throws belongings in dumpster. But it was the wrong unit.

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Turns out apartment management had the wrong unit number, and now that man says he's out tens of thousands of dollars.

They were thrown in the dumpster by order of the management at The Hamilton, the high-end midrise apartment building where Abney lived in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas.

All of Abney's belongings had been thrown in the dumpster hours earlier and had been picked over by other residents. »

GDP revisions show UK economy almost 2% larger than thought

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It was thought as recently as this summer that GDP still had not returned to its pre-pandemic levels.

Today’s revisions don’t propel the UK to the top of the list, but they certainly remove its outlier status (which now goes to Germany).

These countries may well come to revise their GDP data too, but for now the UK is not the laggard. »