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Friday September 1st, 2023 day edition

image for Large-scale gambling ring uncovered in Milford after police raid backyard volleyball games - Boston News, Weather, Sports

(WHDH) - Two people were charged after officials busted what appeared to be a large gathering for volleyball tournaments, but what Milford police said was a large-scale gambling operation.

Police found cash and cards strewn across a picnic table, an illegal concession stand complete with a fryolator and alcohol, and gambling on volleyball games in a backyard of a Milford home, images provided by police to 7NEWS showed.

We just want it to stop,” said Deputy Chief Robbie Tusino of the Milford Police Department.

Two were arrested and charged, including the homeowner of the house on Franklin Street, when the police searched the property and seized $10,000 in cash.

Police were watching the situation for months, and neighbors were also complaining of the high volume of traffic.

Milford police is also headquartered two houses down on the corner of Franklin Street.

One of the two suspects is due in court Friday, and police said more arrests could be incoming. »

New York police will use drones to monitor backyard parties this weekend, spurring privacy concerns

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NEW YORK (AP) — Those attending outdoor parties or barbecues in New York City this weekend may notice an uninvited guest looming over their festivities: a police surveillance drone.

The plan drew immediate backlash from privacy and civil liberties advocates, raising questions about whether such drone use violated existing laws for police surveillance.

“Clearly, flying a drone over a backyard barbecue is a step too far for many New Yorkers,” Cahn said. »