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Monday August 28th, 2023 night edition

image for Flat Rock sgt. arrived to crime scene armed, 'intoxicated,' vomiting. He faced no charges.

The incident took place on February 17, when officers from Flat Rock, Gibraltar, Rockwood and Trenton responded to the scene of a shooting in the 29000 block of Oakhill Court in Gibraltar.

One of the officers on the scene was Flat Rock Sgt. Brian Tetreau, the department’s K-9 officer, who was called to the scene while he was off-duty at home.

Just after 6 p.m., Tetreau is seen on police body cam video stepping out of his black police SUV.

In the middle of February, with temperatures in the 20s, Tetreau arrived to the crime scene wearing Crocs.

Quickly, the sergeant and his K-9 begin the search for suspects, first along the tree line and then deeper into the subdivision.

Seconds later, the sergeant pulled out his firearm and aimed it into the crawl space, but no one was inside.

Initially, Flat Rock officials refused to reveal the investigation at all, denying WXYZ’s public records request. »

Donald Trump is ineligible for presidency, lawsuit argues

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A South Florida lawyer has filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump seeking to have the former president declared ineligible to run for another term as president.

Lawrence Caplan’s lawsuit asserts the provision clearly applies to Trump:.

Despite the legal underpinnings for the case, people who dislike and fear Trump shouldn’t get too excited and people who love him shouldn’t get too alarmed. »

Wisconsin Supreme Court flips liberal, creating a ‘seismic shift’

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“We’re about to usher in a very progressive state Supreme Court, the likes that we have not seen in quite some time.

The changeover on the Wisconsin Supreme Court comes less than a year after conservatives took over the top court in North Carolina and strengthened their hold on the one in Ohio.

Koschnick — a conservative who made an unsuccessful run for state Supreme Court in 2009 — recently filed ethics complaints against the four liberal justices. »

Zelenskyy announces "rich September": Ukraine will be heard by Global South

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has announced activity in communications with countries of the Global South in September.

Quote from Zelenskyy: "We have already started preparing a productive September for Ukraine.

Ukrainska Pravda is the place where you will find the most up-to-date information about everything related to the war in Ukraine. »

New cat contraception method using gene therapy could help manage feral populations

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Conservation biologist Bill Swanson from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden was part of a team that developed and tested a new and simpler method of contraception using gene therapy.

A cat from the feral colony living on the Cranbrook, B.C., campus of the College of the Rockies.

The technology is new and will have to be commercialized before it can be used widely to manage cat populations. »