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Sunday August 27th, 2023 day edition

image for Australia is becoming America’s military launchpad into Asia

Australia is upgrading its military bases to host more American forces and arming itself with weapons that can threaten China.

Australia is also helping America weave a wider “latticework” of ad hoc security pacts across the Indo-Pacific region.

“We have no greater friend, no greater partner, no greater ally than Australia,” declared Antony Blinken, America’s secretary of state, during a recent visit.

Yet the risks and cost of their more aggressive security posture are causing some disquiet in Australia.

With a population of just 26m, on an island-continent spanning three time zones, Australia has capable but only modest armed forces.

As a member of the “Five Eyes”, Australia and America have long shared intelligence, along with Britain, Canada and New Zealand.

For Hugh White of Australian National University, Australia would do better to defend waters closer to home with cheaper diesel-electric submarines. »

Donald Trump Committed a Crime, Over 60 Percent of Voters Say

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Over 60 percent of voters believe Donald Trump has "committed a crime" amid his four indictments, according to a new Navigator poll that was published on Friday.

Daniels alleged that she had an affair with Trump in 2006, an allegation that Trump has denied.

Over 60 percent of voters believe Trump has "committed a crime" amid his four indictments, according to a new Navigator poll. »

Florida woman’s finger severed in library drop box

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MOUNT DORA, Fla. – A 62-year-old Mount Dora woman reportedly lost a part of her finger to a drop box at a local public library.

As library staff rushed to her aid and called 911, one employee retrieved her severed finger from the drop-off receptacle, according to the writeup.

A sign since placed above the drop box reads, “Please do not place your hand inside this book drop,” according to The Post. »

Almost 100 Leopard 1s stored in the open in Italy as Switzerland blocked their transfer to Ukraine

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Recently, the company wanted to sell the tanks to Germany for Ukraine, but the Swiss government rejected the sale.

RSI obtained the first photos of RUAg’s Leopard 1s covered with green tarps and parked in an open-air depot near Gorizia, northeastern Italy.

RUAG had bought 100 of the Leopard 1s, and those remained unused for years, neither dismantled for spare parts nor reconditioned. »