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Wednesday August 16th, 2023 morning edition

image for Elon Musk’s X is throttling traffic to websites he dislikes

The delayed websites included X’s online rivals Facebook, Instagram, Bluesky and Substack, as well as the Reuters wire service and the Times.

On Tuesday afternoon, hours after this story was first published, X began reversing the throttling on some of the sites, dropping the delay times back to zero.

It was unknown if all the throttled websites had normal service restored.

The delay affected the domain, a link-shortening service that X uses to process every link posted to the website.

Traffic is routed through the domain, allowing X to track — and, in this case, throttle — activity to the target website, potentially taking away traffic and ad revenue from businesses Musk personally dislikes.

A person familiar with the Times’s operations said the news organization had seen a drop in traffic from X since the delays began.

X also throttled traffic to Bluesky, the platform started with help from former Twitter chief Jack Dorsey, who has used it to criticize Musk’s leadership. »

Talk of Ukraine joining NATO in exchange for territorial concessions is unacceptable – Ukraine's Foreign Ministry

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Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rejected proposals to discuss Ukraine's membership of the North Atlantic Alliance in exchange for territorial concessions to Russia.

Details: The Foreign Ministry spokesman said that any talk of Ukraine joining NATO in exchange for giving up part of Ukrainian territories was "absolutely unacceptable".

The Foreign Ministry spokesman noted that Ukraine is committed to further "fruitful cooperation with the NATO Secretariat to achieve these goals". »

George Santos Missed the Deadline to Reveal His Finances. Now What?

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If Mr. Santos reports further income from the Devolder Organization in his 2023 disclosure, he should also disclose the names of his clients — something he has yet to do.

Mr. Santos is not the only member of New York’s House delegation who has yet to file a form.

In the unlikely event that Mr. Santos does not file at all, he could face a civil penalty of up to $71,316. »

How solar has exploded in the US in just a year – in numbers

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Since President Joe Biden signed the IRA in August 2022, 51 solar factories have been announced or expanded in the US.

These announcements include 85 GW of solar panel capacity, 43 GW of solar cells, 20 GW of silicon ingots and wafers, and 7 GW of inverter capacity:.

Solar factories announced in the last year are going to employ more than 20,000 Americans. »