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Wednesday August 16th, 2023 evening edition

image for “Just Say That the Election Was Corrupt, and Leave the Rest to Me”: In Georgia, Donald Trump Appears Beyond F--ked

In addition to the RICO charge, the Fulton County indictment includes more than three dozen counts, 13 of which Trump was charged with.

Willis has said she wants the case to go to trial within the next six months, which would put it well before the general election.

And based on the 98-page indictment, it seems pretty unlikely that things will go well for the former guy.

Trump was plotting to overturn the election before the election even happened.

Trump and then chief of staff Mark Meadows wanted an actual memo written re: blocking the certification of Joe Biden’s win.

Note to anyone thinking of trying to overturn a free and fair election: maybe don’t commit your plan to pen and paper?

Trump’s henchmen told a whole bunch of patently absurd lies—which they knew were lies—to Georgia state lawmakers. »

Booing and walkouts after the Killers tell Georgia audience Russian is their ‘brother’

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“We don’t know the etiquette of this land but this guy’s a Russian,” Flowers can be heard telling the crowd, who responded with a mixture of cheers and boos.

#Russia|n drummer at The Killers concert spoke about the Russian-#Georgia|n "friendship", which caused public protests — Mtavari TV (@MtavariChannel) August 15, 2023.

The band said that Flowers’ comments onstage “meant to suggest that all of The Killers’ audience and fans are ‘brothers and sisters’”, but that they recognised this meaning “could be misconstrued”. »

Sex% is now an official Baldur's Gate 3 speedrun category and someone already did it in under 8 minutes

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Mae spends most of the run leaping past anything that won't get them laid, thanks to enhanced leap's extended jump distance.

Currently, Mae holds the world record for BG3's romance%, which is now an official category after Twitter user Th3ValeOfficial hypothesized the run.

According to Mae, they were able to carve the run down to eight minutes from an initial five hours. »

Russian officers refused to collect the bodies of dead troops so the military wouldn't have to pay their families, convict soldier says

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An ex-convict Russian soldier said officers in Putin's army refused to collect the dead bodies of fallen troops.

The soldier told The New York Times that it let the Russian military dodge paying their families compensation.

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