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Saturday August 12nd, 2023 day edition

image for Police stage ‘chilling’ raid on Marion County newspaper, seizing computers, records and cellphones

MARION — In an unprecedented raid Friday, local law enforcement seized computers, cellphones and reporting materials from the Marion County Record office, the newspaper’s reporters, and the publisher’s home.

The search warrant, signed by Marion County District Court Magistrate Judge Laura Viar, appears to violate federal law that provides protections against searching and seizing materials from journalists.

Viar didn’t respond to a request to comment for this story or explain why she would authorize a potentially illegal raid.

Emily Bradbury, executive director of the Kansas Press Association, said the police raid is unprecedented in Kansas.

Meyer reported last week that Marion restaurant owner Kari Newell had kicked newspaper staff out of a public forum with LaTurner, whose staff was apologetic.

A reporter with the Marion Record used a state website to verify the information provided by the source.

“At the request of the Marion Police Department, on Tuesday, Aug. 8, we began an investigation into allegations of criminal wrongdoing in Marion, Kansas. »

The Kremlin won't admit how many soldiers have died in Ukraine, but researchers have now identified 30,000 dead Russians by name

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More than 1,300 dead soldiers were identified in the last two weeks alone, they said.

Publicly, Russian officials have admitted to losing no more than 6,000 men since last year's all-out invasion of Ukraine.

But researchers working with the BBC say they have now identified — by name — more than 30,000 dead Russian soldiers, including more than 1,300 in the last two weeks alone. »

Another Chinese Developer Teeters, Raising Worries About the Economy

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Remember China Evergrande, that Chinese real estate behemoth whose mountain of debt sent global markets spiraling in 2021?

Now, financial troubles at Country Garden, another real estate giant, are raising fresh concerns.

Country Garden, the country’s biggest developer by sales, has been pummeled in the markets twice in the past week. »