Stephen Miller Files Complaint That Gay Pop-Tarts Are Sexualizing Kids

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Moore said he thinks a large part of the issue is how divisive U.S. politics are, which is now spilling over into the church. He pointed to how a lot of issues are “packaged in terms of existential threat,” leading to the belief among everyone, not just evangelical Christians, that “desperate times call for desperate measures.”

It makes sense, then, that evangelical Christians would embrace Trump, who portrayed himself as the answer to many of those supposed existential threats. Trump both campaigned and governed on a largely evangelical Christian platform. He moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem; he cracked down on immigration from majority-Muslim countries; and he appointed multiple conservative judges, including to the Supreme Court, which has swung sharply right.

He made good on his anti-abortion promises when the high court removed the nationwide right to the procedure in June. Many LGBTQ protections were rolled back under his watch, and during the June 2020 protests over George Floyd’s murder by police, he tear-gassed demonstrators so he could take a heavily posed picture with a Bible in front of St. John’s Church near the White House.

OlympiaImperial on August 11st, 2023 at 01:09 UTC »

It's gotta be absolutely exhausting to be "anti woke", whatever woke even is at this point.

"Aw fuck, pop tarts are woke now, guess I can't enjoy those anymore."

Insane. These guys need hobbies and girlfriends.

ShakeTheEyesHands on August 11st, 2023 at 01:06 UTC »

Being a conservative nowadays must be fucking exhausting.

RoboSapien1 on August 10th, 2023 at 22:18 UTC »

He felt neglected and unmentioned recently, threw a temper tantrum for attention. Someone give him a pink pop tart.