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Tuesday August 8th, 2023 night edition

image for Trump posts another attack on judge ahead of first court deadline

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Mr Trump’s attorneys asked the judge for extra time to compose a response to the government’s motion, but Judge Chutkan quickly ordered the defence to respond by 5pm along with a proposal for an alternative protective order.

The former president has a history of disclosing sensitive materials so the names of people involved in court proceedings against him could be leaked to his supporters.

According to subsequent court filings, the agents who were named on the document were inundated with death threats after their names became known to the ex-president’s supporters.

Mr Trump has in recent days taken to posting attacks on Judge Chutkan, a respected former member of the Washington DC defence bar who was named to the bench by then-president Barack Obama. »

U.S. lab says it repeated fusion energy feat — with higher yield

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A group of U.S. scientists say they have repeated their landmark energy feat — a nuclear fusion reaction that produces more energy than is put into it.

But this time, they say the experiment produced an even higher energy yield than one in December that got international attention for making a major step forward toward the long elusive goal of producing energy through fusion.

“Analysis of those results is underway, but we can confirm the experiment produced a higher yield than the December test.”. »

Nazi symbols and child pornography found in German police chats

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Prosecutors in Germany have uncovered illegal content including Nazi symbols in chat messages involving five officers from three different police districts.

The five men, aged 22 and 25, are suspected to have exchanged Nazi symbols in chats and possessed child pornography during their training, according to Annette Milk, the chief public prosecutor investigating the case.

The public prosecutor's office has charged the now-former police officer with exchanging right-wing extremist symbols in chats and possessing and distributing child pornography. »

DNA of enslaved iron workers illuminates African American history

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The study reveals the ancestry of some of the enslaved people who toiled there in the decades after the nation's founding and identified thousands of living relatives, many still in Maryland.

Enslaved people of African descent were forced to work in agricultural, industrial and domestic settings in parts of the United States.

Workers mined iron ore, kept the furnace burning and made various goods - stoves, pots, utensils and even cannon balls. »