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Friday August 4th, 2023 day edition

image for Mid-winter temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius in South America leave climatologists in disbelief

Climate scientists have been left "flabbergasted" as temperatures in parts of South America near 40 degrees Celsius in the middle of what is supposed to be its winter.

Data from Chile's national meteorological agency, Dirección Meteorológica de Chile, shows several weather stations in the country reached temperatures above 35C on August 1.

Data shows southern parts of South America were 10C to 20C hotter than normal for this time of year.

"For its duration, area, and intensity, it's probably the worst winter heatwave in the Southern Hemisphere," he said.

He said temperatures in South America earlier this week had even rivalled the prolonged heat experienced in Europe during July, despite being the middle of winter.

"South America is living one of the most extreme events the world has ever seen, unbelievable temperatures up to 38.9C in the Chilean Andine areas in mid-winter," Mr Herrera wrote on social media.

She said if those temperatures were to occur in New South Wales, which sits at a similar latitude, it would be "extraordinary". »

Both expelled members of ‘Tennessee Three’ win back their state House seats

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The move briefly left about 140,000 voters in primarily Black districts in Nashville and Memphis with no representation in the Tennessee House.

House Republican leaders have repeatedly denied that race was a factor in the expulsion hearings.

Democrats have disagreed, with Johnson countering that the only reason that she wasn’t expelled was due to her being white. »

Florida effectively bans AP Psychology course over LGBTQ content, College Board says

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The state's Department of Education informed the College Board that its AP Psychology class is in violation of state law, the higher education nonprofit said in a statement.

The College Board added that Florida will allow superintendents to offer the college-level psychology class for high schoolers if they exclude LGBTQ topics.

“The other advanced course providers (including the International Baccalaureate program) had no issue providing the college credit psychology course.”. »

From jail to practicing law, Minnesota attorney scores big win

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Last week, Ben Richardson was freed from the Hennepin County Jail after murder charges were dropped last week.

Gad spent six months fighting in court, trying to get the judge and prosecutors to consider the lack of evidence.

She's had to make quite the comeback herself after fighting an opioid addiction since a car accident in 2012. »