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Thursday August 3rd, 2023 night edition

image for US woman, 87, fights off teenage home intruder – then gives him snacks

Marjorie Perkins is at the center of one of the latest strange tales to come out of the US criminal justice system.

“I thought to myself, ‘If he’s going to cut, I’m going to kick,’” Perkins said to the site.

So the former elementary school teacher stood up and began putting on her shoes but then started being hit by the teen intruder.

Perkins somewhat slowed the attack by grabbing a chair and using it as a shield, and she began screaming for help.

The teen pushed her and repeatedly punched her, landing at least one blow on her forehead which left a bruise.

Meanwhile, Perkins kicked him and with the chair blocked him from getting closer, she told the Times Record.

While the boy was distracted, Perkins said she grabbed her phone – a rotary one – and dialed 911 “as fast as [she] could”. »

U.S. v. Trump Will Be the Most Important Case in Our Nation’s History

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The federal indictment just handed down by special counsel Jack Smith is not only the most important indictment by far of former President Donald Trump.

The means of election theft were national, not just confined to one state, as in the expected Georgia prosecution.

Putting Trump before a jury, if the case can get that far before the 2024 elections, is not certain to yield a conviction. »

‘There was no promise not to enlarge NATO’ - Harvard Law School

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“I was in those meetings, and Gorbachev has [also] said there was no promise not to enlarge NATO,” Zoellick recalls.

“Gorbachev agreed again,” Zoellick recalls, to the principle that Germany could choose to enter NATO.

Putin does not see Ukraine as an independent and sovereign state … He believes that they are all Russians, living in a greater Russia. »

Taylor Swift Gives Bonuses Totaling Over $55 Million to Every Person Working on Massive Eras Tour

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TMZ previously reported that Swift, 33, gifted truckers on her tour $100,000 each ahead of her concert stop in Santa Clara over the weekend.

The Grammy winner kicked off her tour in March in Glendale, Arizona, dazzling fans with a career-spanning 44-song setlist.

Thank you a million times, for the memories that break our fall," she wrote on Instagram upon the record's release. »