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Tuesday August 1st, 2023 evening edition

image for Donald Trump PAC Broke Campaign Finance Laws—Former FEC Attorney

"So for the super PAC and the Trump PAC to be sending tens of millions dollars back and forth depending upon who needs the money more strongly suggests unlawful financial coordination.".

The MAGA Inc Super PAC, which is not controlled by the former president, can receive unlimited donations, while Trump's Save America PAC has a $5,000 donation limit as per campaign laws.

Jason Torchinsky, a campaign finance expert at the Holtzman Vogel Law Firm, also alleged that Trump may be violating federal election laws by accepting donations that directly cover his legal expenses.

Steven Cheung, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, denied any suggestion of illegality.

Trump's PAC is accused of breaking campaign finance laws by requesting a refund from a Super PAC to cover the former president's legal fees.

"I, myself, admit that I was gullible enough in November 2020 that I personally donated to this TRUMP SCAM PAC.

In response, Trump spokesperson Cheung told Newsweek that Pushaw and others working for the DeSantis campaign were akin to "desperate idiots and un-American morons. »

Elon Musk Can’t Make an American WeChat

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Musk has been focused on this vision for Twitter since before he even bought it, repeatedly praising the Chinese app WeChat in a June 2022 town hall at Twitter.

WeChat (along with competitors such as AliPay) has proven that such apps can reach scale and be wildly successful.

Unfortunately for Musk, his vision of creating a Western WeChat is doomed to failure. »

Family sues Delta after drunken passenger allegedly groped mom and her teen daughter on flight

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The family is referred to by initials throughout, with "N.A." referring to the girl while her mother is identified as "A.A.".

Before the plane even departed, the man allegedly asked the flight attendant for a "vodka on the rocks.".

"Over the first three hours of the flight, the Delta flight attendants served the intoxicated Delta passenger approximately 10 vodka on ice drinks," the lawsuit said. »