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Monday July 31st, 2023 day edition

image for Biden jokes that Republicans may impeach him because inflation is starting to cool down

Standing in a textile manufacturing facility in Auburn Biden pointed to inflation statistics that showed the U.S. has the lowest rate of price increases among the world’s biggest economies.

“Maybe they’ll decide to impeach me because it’s coming down,” Biden said.

While McCarthy publicly floated the inquiry this week, the White House has engaged little with those efforts, instead focused on promoting “Bidenomics” and the president’s domestic agenda.

Despite distancing himself from the White House on some policies, Golden traveled with Biden on Air Force One on Friday.

Republicans have said that Biden’s policies have led to higher inflation.

Consumer prices climbed to a four-decade high last summer, but inflation has eased over the past 12 months to a rate of 3% annually. “

Biden was also scheduled to appear at a fundraiser in Freeport, Maine, later Friday. »

Record-breaking number of sea turtle nests found on Jupiter-area beaches, researchers say

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Record-breaking number of sea turtle nests found on Jupiter-area beaches, researchers say.

JUNO BEACH — Researchers have found a record number of sea turtle nests in northern Palm Beach County, according to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach.

As of Sunday, researchers had found 14,998 loggerhead nests, 6,768 green turtle nests and 215 leatherback nests on the North County beaches, the Marinelife Center said. »

Ukraine Shows Off New Sea Drone That Can Wipe Out Russian Ships

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Russian Navy vessels near the Black Sea port of Sevastopol in Crimea on February 16, 2022.

Ukraine has publicly unveiled its new sea drone for the first time as it seeks to limit the Russian fleet's operations in the Black Sea, CNN reported.

The outlet got an exclusive look at the new naval drone, which is designed to attack ships in Russia's Black Sea Fleet. »

CDC detects coronavirus, HIV, hepatitis and herpes at unlicensed California lab

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All of the biological agents were destroyed by July 7 following a legal abatement process by the agency.

According to court documents, city officials inspected the location at 850 I St. on March 3 for building violations and found various chemicals being stored.

"Certain rooms of the warehouse were found to contain several vessels of liquid and various apparatus," court documents said. »

Protesters descend on French Embassy in Niger shouting 'long live Putin'

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Some protesters tore down a plaque identifying the Embassy, stomped on it and then replaced it with Russian and Nigerien flags.

Shouts of “long live Putin,” “long live Russia” and “down with France” could be heard among the crowds.

President Emmanuel Macron’s office said France would immediately retaliate against anyone who attacks French nationals or facilities in Niger. »