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Monday July 24th, 2023 day edition

image for An unarmed Black man was attacked by a police K-9 dog despite surrendering with his hands in the air

An unarmed Black man was attacked by a police officer’s K-9 as he surrendered to authorities with his hands up, despite an Ohio State Trooper repeatedly urging officers not to release the dog.

The video initially shows authorities pursuing a semi-truck that appeared to “slow down to a roll” to stop.

The driver does not come out of the truck and begins driving back on the road.

The driver eventually stops the semi-truck and comes out of the vehicle surrounded by several police cars and officers, according to the video.

The video then cuts to what appears to be a state trooper coming out of his vehicle and walking toward the driver.

“Do not release the dog with his hands up,” a state trooper warns several times from a distance.

The dog runs toward officers and then turns to Rose and attacks him, pulling him to the ground, the video shows. »

2 female hikers found dead in a Nevada state park amid heat wave

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OVERTON, Nev. — Two women hikers have been found dead in a state park in southern Nevada, authorities said Sunday.

Nevada State Police did not release any details on the hikers’ identities or a possible cause of death.

State police said one woman was found dead on the trail and the other body was located in a canyon. »

Dolphin and her baby rescued after being trapped in pond for 2 years

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According to the Audubon Nature Institute, wildlife observers believe the mother dolphin and her baby were pushed into the pond system near Grand Isle, Louisiana, during Hurricane Ida in late August 2021.

The pond had ample supplies and salinity for the dolphins, the institute said, but there was no path for them to get back to the Gulf of Mexico.

READ MORE: 2023 Atlantic hurricane season: Here's what to know about this year's storms. »

Iraq cuts ties with Sweden, expels ambassador over Quran burning – Mideast Discourse

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Iraq fulfills its vows and cuts ties with Sweden over its approval of yet another Quran burning despite warnings regarding the issue.

The Iraqi government on Thursday expelled Sweden’s ambassador to the country and severed its ties with Stockholm in response to the repeated Quran burnings in Sweden, which were permitted by the Swedish government.

Moreover, the head of the media association in Iraq suspended the license of Swedish telecom company Ericsson on Iraqi soil following the Quran burning. »