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Sunday July 23rd, 2023 morning edition

image for Why is healthy food so expensive in America? Blame the Farm Bill that Congress always renews to make burgers cheaper than salad

Most Americans have never heard of this massive omnibus bill, which Congress reauthorizes every five or so years, yet it impacts us every day.

It shapes our food system–from subsidizing factory farms to funding food and nutrition programs, and it is why burgers are artificially cheap and salads cost more than they should.

Farm Bill policies have been hijacked, resulting in the demise of family farms, the proliferation of food that makes us sick, and widespread ecological destruction.

We subsidize the overproduction of fat-laden animal products and highly processed foods, making unhealthy food cheap and accessible.

Farm Bill programs should be revised to incentivize fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods and to make them more accessible and affordable.

The Farm Bill can be crucial in supporting Americans’ nutritional needs by making healthy food accessible where it’s most needed.

Gene Baur is the president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, the world’s first farm animal sanctuary and advocacy organization. »

U.S.-Sanctioned Russian Millionaire Found Dead In His Office

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The Russian Health Ministry was quoted by news agencies as saying at least 12 people required medical assistance, with four taken to the hospital.

Kyrylenko said the two siblings died when one of the shells fired by Russian troops hit the courtyard of their house.

Russian authorities claimed cluster munitions were used in the shelling, although the situation could not be independently confirmed. »

Senior Dog 'Overlooked' in Shelter for 11 Years Finally Gets Forever Home

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A dog has finally got her happy ending after being overlooked in the shelter for 11 years.

Elderly pit bull Vanessa was overlooked at the shelter for 11 years, but she has finally found her forever home.

Thankfully, Vanessa found love and care at the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC), a large dog rescue facility in southern Louisiana. »

Cocaine dumped in the sea off Florida could have 'crazy' consequences if sharks eat it, scientists find

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Sharks may be consuming cocaine dumped in the waters off Florida and it could be making them act in "crazy" ways, scientists have said.

Marine biologist, Tom 'The Blowfish' Hird, and University of Florida environmental scientist, Tracy Fanara, studied sharks off the Florida Keys to see if the drugs were having any impact on them.

The biologist admitted many different factors could be responsible for the odd behaviour and the results don't necessarily show that sharks in Florida are consuming cocaine. »

China’s economy is spiraling: Will war be Xi’s distraction?

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In a failing China, the Communist Party’s leadership will undoubtedly fall back on nationalism — and could end up starting a war.

China’s 6.3 percent report missed expectations by a wide margin, and analysts are now talking about how the Chinese economy is slowing fast.

Everyone says China must now rely on consumer spending, but China’s economy is geared toward depressing consumer sentiment. »