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Thursday July 20th, 2023 night edition

image for Ginni Thomas Under Scrutiny Following Arrest of Michigan Fake Electors

There have been calls for Thomas to face investigation over an alleged fake electoral plot in Arizona.

There is currently no indication that Ginni Thomas is under investigation as part of the probe.

In December 2022, the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack did not recommend that the Department of Justice bring forward any charges against Ginni Thomas.

Speaking to the panel about her texts to Meadows, Ginni Thomas testified: "I would take them all back if I could today.".

Fellow Twitter user Jeffrey Levy added in response to charges against the alleged Michigan fake electors plotters: "Only 5 or 6 other states to go on the fake electors.

Also Ginni Thomas should be indicted since she was heavily involved in the conspiracy.".

Ginni Thomas' name was also suggested as a potential key suspect in the plots to overturn the last election even before Nessel's offices brought forward their charges. »

Hundreds of state troopers may have falsified thousands of traffic tickets, audit finds

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ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WFSB/Gray News) - Connecticut state police troopers may have falsified thousands of traffic tickets.

According to an internal investigation, troopers falsified tickets for their own personal benefit as those who appear productive are often eligible for federally funded overtime.

The audit also reportedly found that troopers not only falsified thousands of tickets but more than 32,000 were inaccurate. »

‘Intuitive’ pet who ‘hears’ for deaf owner named National Cat of the Year

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An “intuitive” cat who helps his deaf owner by alerting her to sounds around the house has won a national award.

Zebby was named Cats Protection’s National Cat of the Year 2023 in recognition of the way he supports owner Genevieve Moss, 66, by alerting her to noises like the phone ringing or a guest at the door.

Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards organiser Ashley Fryer said: “From the moment we read his entry form, we knew Zebby was something special. »

Russia declares parts of Black Sea ‘unsafe’, Ukraine-bound ships ‘military carriers’

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Russia will consider all vessels traveling on the Black Sea heading to Ukrainian ports as “potential military cargo carriers” starting from Thursday, the Russian Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday.

This comes as Ukraine said on Wednesday Russia damaged grain export infrastructure in overnight strikes focused on two of its Black Sea ports.

This move effectively establishes a zone where vessels traveling to Ukrainian ports may face increased risks and encounters with Russian forces. »