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Thursday July 20th, 2023 evening edition

image for Miami woman, 18, arrested after allegedly trying to hire hitman to kill her 3-year-old son, police say

Teen mom accused of trying to have her child killed released from jail.

MIAMI -- A woman accused of trying to hire a hit man this week to kill her 3-year-old son has bonded out of jail.

According to police, the website founder created the online site to catch and curb those looking to hire a killer.

Police said the suspect provided the address for the child and his picture to help facilitate the request.

Police went to the address and spoke to the child's grandmother, who identified the child as the intended victim based on the murder request submitted online.

Investigators did not speculate on a motive for the request but said her computer browser still had the murder-for-hire website on it. »

Doctors reattach boy's head after car accident thanks to 'amazing' surgery

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Surgeons in Israel performed a miracle surgery and managed to reattach a boy’s head after he was hit by a car while riding his bike, a Jerusalem hospital announced this week.

The boy was rushed to Hadassah Medical Center and immediately put into surgery in the trauma unit.

The doctors said his head was "almost completely detached from the base of his neck.". »

Constipation linked with cognitive decline, research finds

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In the first research to look at constipation’s impact on the aging brain, scientists have found some concerning links.

Cognitive function refers to a person’s mental capacity for learning, thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, decision-making, remembering and paying attention.

But bowel movement frequency and subjective cognitive function were also linked with the participants’ gut microbiomes, the authors found. »