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Tuesday July 18th, 2023 day edition

image for Universal Pictures Prunes Trees Along Summer Picket Line Sidewalk

According to Chris Stephens, the production studio took to the trimmers and pruned trees on sidewalks outside of its Los Angeles studios today (July 17), when the temperature was north of 90 degrees.

Intentionally or not, the trees happen to run along the sidewalk where picketers are striking.

“Quick shoutout to the good people at @UniversalPics for trimming the trees that gave our picket line shade right before a 90+ degree week,” Stephens wrote.

Quick shoutout to the good people at @UniversalPics for trimming the trees that gave our picket line shade right before a 90+ degree week. — Chris Stephens (@ChrisStephensMD) July 17, 2023. “99% of canopy removed during growing season,” Another user added.

“They might as well have pulled them from the ground and burned them in forges beneath Isengard.”.

“Whoever ‘trimmed’ those trees may have just killed a bunch of trees on city property, that weren’t theirs to trim,” Steven Burke, another user, said.

Los Angeles has reached out to Universal Pictures for comment. »

Supreme Court, Republicans to blame for lack of debt forgiveness, students say in poll

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The Supreme Court at the end of June ruled against Biden’s up to $20,000 in student debt relief, a decision that was celebrated by Republicans and denounced by Democrats.

The poll found 77 percent of young people knew about the court’s recent decision, while 23 percent did not.

The student debt relief would have helped more than 40 million borrowers with student debt, costing around $400 billion. »

Ukraine Parliament Votes 268 to 137 to Legalize Medical Marijuana

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Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) has passed legislation to legalize medical marijuana through its first reading.

The measure received a 268 to 137 vote in the parliament.

The measure has been stalled in the parliament for around two years, but gained momentum earlier this year as Zelenksyy increased calls for medical marijuana legalization. »

AAA pulls back from offering insurance in Florida, following Farmers

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"Unfortunately, Florida's insurance market has become challenging in recent years," the company said in a statement emailed to CBS MoneyWatch.

"Last year's catastrophic hurricane season contributed to an unprecedented rise in reinsurance rates, making it more costly for insurance companies to operate.".

Farmers Insurance recently said it will no longer offer coverage in the state, affecting roughly 100,000 customers. »

Italy begins stripping lesbian mothers of their parental rights

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Surrogacy remains illegal in Italy and there are restrictions that prevent the adoption of “stepchildren” by one parent.

Even though she used Zambon’s egg, Zambon has been threatened with the loss of parental rights by the government. »