Police called on property owners after HOA increases monthly fees to $350

Authored by cbsnews.com and submitted by jray1126

NARANJA LAKES — A homeowners association meeting at the Mandarin Lakes neighborhood in Naranja Lakes went off the rails.

The Tuesday night meeting was cut short after residents say the cops were called by the HOA.

Furious community members say the meeting escalated when the HOA board told residents their monthly fee would increase to $350 a month.

"The issue is that the HOA fee is going up for the second time in one year and we were given short notice about the increase and a lot of things on the new budget don't make sense," said resident Zoe Sosa.

Sosa says one of the things that doesn't make sense is how residents are still paying auto insurance for the security cars that canvass the community when security is now riding around in golf carts.

"We haven't seen any refund from the previous budget, what happened with the cars, what happened with the maintenance of the cars and what's going on," said Sosa.

In addition to the price hike and security, residents say there are broken amenities, cars getting constantly towed and violent crimes happening in the neighborhood.

These residents tell us when they bring these problems up to the HOA, it falls on deaf ears.

"They discredit me, they tell me basically go away. This is how it is, if you don't like it, move out," said Kristen Marti.

We reached out to Mandarin Lakes about the residents' concerns, and we were provided a statement, explaining that the neighborhood had no choice but to amend its budget after receiving the 2023 budget from the community association.

Now, residents say they're taking matters into their own hands in hopes of making changes at Mandarin Lakes.

There is a town hall for the community scheduled to happen in September.

giddeonfox on July 16th, 2023 at 15:42 UTC »

If you pay for a service like HOA you should automatically get a monthly report of not only their finances but all business or actions taken by the board, representing your interests.

This should not be controversial.

captcraigaroo on July 16th, 2023 at 15:14 UTC »

My HOA made the mistake of telling us they switched landscape contractors and were saving $30,000 a year. I stood up and asked where that money was going and they said into an emergency fund, not back to the homeowners.

Someone started investigating....

Edit: there maybe 250 single family homes, maybe 350, and 8 or 10 condos in the community. I only attended one meeting in 2013ish and only because they sent a letter saying they saved so much on landscape, so it was probably going on back then

Aleyla on July 16th, 2023 at 14:20 UTC »

Lol. So the people actually looked wt the HoA budget and saw that it was full of shit? Good for them. Vote out the fraudsters.