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Friday July 14th, 2023 day edition

image for Russia plans to build dozens of prison camps across Ukraine over the next few years, documents show, hinting Moscow's readying for a long war

A document shows that Moscow plans to build 25 more prison camps in Ukraine by 2026, per AP.

War analysts previously noted how Russia is prepared for a protracted war.

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Russia has plans to build dozens of prison camps throughout Ukraine in the next few years, showing another sign that Moscow is willing to prolong the brutal war.

The think tank also added that a prolonged war is a narrative that Russia would want to push to discourage the West's support for Ukraine.

Kyiv launched its highly anticipated counteroffensive against Russia in early June, but it has proven to be a slower-than-expected operation as Ukrainian soldiers make incremental advances.

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said the counteroffensive would be "overly long" and "very, very bloody," anticipating timelines of up to 10 weeks. »

Twitter owes ex-employees $500 million in severance, lawsuit claims

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But Twitter only gave laid-off workers at most one month of severance pay, and many of them did not receive anything, McMillian claims.

Twitter has already been sued for allegedly failing to pay severance, but those cases involve breach of contract claims and not the benefits law.

A pending lawsuit filed last month accuses Twitter of also failing to pay millions of dollars in bonuses it owes to remaining employees. »

Scottsdale bans natural grass in front yards of new houses to conserve water amid Arizona’s drought

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As drought-stricken Arizona bakes in searing heat, the Scottsdale City Council unanimously agreed this week to ban natural grass in front of future single-family homes in an effort to conserve water.

According to Scottsdale City Council, feedback gathered from Scottsdale Water customers in June found that 86% of those who responded supported the ordinance.

Prior to the natural grass ordinance, Scottsdale officials asked residents to use 5% less water, and city government operations reduced their water usage by 9%. »

US eyes massive ramp-up in diplomatic personnel and spending at new Pacific island embassies

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department says it plans a massive increase in diplomatic personnel and spending for facilities at new U.S. embassies in the Pacific islands as the Biden administration forges ahead with efforts to counter China’s growing influence in the region.

At each of those posts, the department says it will spend at least $10 million for start-up, design and construction costs.

“To address this challenge, the United States has moved to dramatically increase its diplomatic and development engagement with the region.”. »