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Thursday July 13rd, 2023 night edition

image for Birds have learned to use 'anti-bird' spikes to build their nests

Birds have learned to use 'anti-bird' spikes to build their nests.

Birds have learned to use 'anti-bird' spikes to build their nests Birds are stealing the spikes designed to stop them nesting on buildings and using them to build their own nests - behaviour researchers describe as the "ultimate adaptation" to city life.

Birds are stealing anti-bird spikes put up by humans - and using them to build their nests.

Magpies had ripped about 50m of anti-bird spikes from the hospital building and used them to build a huge nest of 1,500 spikes.

Anti-bird spikes are often installed on buildings to discourage birds from nesting there.

It's not the first example of unhospitable items being used for birds' nests.

Other sharp materials, including barbed wire and knitting needles, are also used by magpies for the roof of their nests. »

Lawyers with supreme court business paid Clarence Thomas aide via Venmo

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Several lawyers who have had business before the supreme court, including one who successfully argued to end race-conscious admissions at universities, paid money to a top aide to Justice Clarence Thomas, according to the aide’s Venmo transactions.

Vasisht’s Venmo account – which was public prior to requesting comment for this article and is no longer – show that he received seven payments in November and December 2019 from lawyers who previously served as Thomas legal clerks.

Consovoy clerked for Thomas during the 2008-09 term and was considered a rising star in conservative legal circles. »

Kentucky man finds over 700 Civil War-era coins buried in his cornfield

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A Kentucky man got the surprise of his life while digging in his field earlier this year: a cache of over 700 coins from the American Civil War era.

The "Great Kentucky Hoard" includes hundreds of U.S. gold pieces dating to between 1840 and 1863, in addition to a handful of silver coins.

Just one of these coins can go for six figures at auction, and the Great Kentucky Hoard boasts 18 of them. »

Tax prep companies shared private taxpayer data with Google and Meta for years, congressional probe finds

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Some of the tax-prep companies still do not know whether the data they shared continues to be held by the tech platforms, the report said.

The Warren aide told CNN it was unclear whether Meta knew it was inappropriately using taxpayer data at the time.

Theoretically, he said, the tax code also affords individual taxpayers the right to file private lawsuits against the tax-prep companies. »