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Thursday July 13rd, 2023 day edition

image for Cosmetic surgeon who streamed procedures on TikTok loses medical license

An Ohio plastic surgeon who livestreamed procedures on TikTok has been banned from practicing medicine.

The Ohio Medical Board on Wednesday voted to permanently revoke the license of Dr. Katharine Grawe — known as Dr. Roxy in her plastic surgery practice, "Roxy Plastic Surgery," and to her many TikTok followers.

Grawe spoke into a camera and answered viewer questions — all while the surgeries were taking place.

"I ask you from the bottom of my heart to please consider my thoughts with an open mind.

The notice also listed three patients of Grawe's who suffered severe complications and needed intense medical care after she operated on them.

One woman's intestine was found to be perforated a week after her surgery, a procedure that Grawe partially livestreamed on TikTok.

While Ohio's state medical board can only affect doctors' rights to practice in the state, disciplinary actions are reported to the National Practitioner Databank and posted online. »

Kentucky man finds over 700 Civil War-era coins buried in his cornfield

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A Kentucky man got the surprise of his life while digging in his field earlier this year: a cache of over 700 coins from the American Civil War era.

The "Great Kentucky Hoard" includes hundreds of U.S. gold pieces dating to between 1840 and 1863, in addition to a handful of silver coins.

Just one of these coins can go for six figures at auction, and the Great Kentucky Hoard boasts 18 of them. »

Birds have learned to use 'anti-bird' spikes to build their nests

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Birds have learned to use 'anti-bird' spikes to build their nests Birds are stealing the spikes designed to stop them nesting on buildings and using them to build their own nests - behaviour researchers describe as the "ultimate adaptation" to city life.

Birds are stealing anti-bird spikes put up by humans - and using them to build their nests.

Magpies had ripped about 50m of anti-bird spikes from the hospital building and used them to build a huge nest of 1,500 spikes. »

Fox News Sued By Ray Epps Over Claim He Was At Center Of January 6th Conspiracy; Ex-Execs Blast Network For “Negative Impacts On Our Society” — Update

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Epps accused the network of making him a “scapegoat” for what happened in the Capitol attack.

Other Fox personalities, including Laura Ingraham and Will Cain, also promoted the conspiracy theory about Epps, according to the lawsuit.

In March, Epps’ attorney, Michael Teter, sent a letter to Fox News demanding a retraction and apology, but none came. »