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Monday July 10th, 2023 morning edition

image for Investigation Uncovers More of Clarence Thomas’ Undisclosed Freebies from Wealthy Pals

Clarence Thomas’ connections to wealth and expensive vacations run deeper than billionaire businessman and Nazi-enthusiast Harlan Crow.

Thanks to the association, Thomas also rubbed elbows with the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Ed McMahon during a lavish three-day Montana birthday party for billionaire industrialist Dennis Washington.

But the connections Thomas made through Horatio Alger have benefitted him beyond lavish trips.

The Sokol family also hosted Thomas and his wife at their Montana ranch and their waterfront Florida estate.

According to the Times, Thomas has not reported many of the benefits and gifts he has received from his rich and well-connected allies.

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If his dreams were of undisclosed fancy vacations and V.I.P. access, then that’s probably the case. »

Why the Toronto Zoo wants you to stop showing its gorillas videos from your phones

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The Toronto Zoo is advising its visitors to avoid showing videos and photos on their cellphones to its gorillas as they distract the apes.

Ross said one of the gorillas, Nassir, has become enthralled with videos visitors are showing him.

Ross noted the Toronto Zoo is already letting its gorillas watch videos, including those of other animals and nature documentaries, which she said they really like. »

Veg box firm Riverford to be 100% staff-owned as founder sells stake for £10m

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The organic vegetable box company Riverford is to become 100% owned by its staff after its founder, Guy Singh-Watson, agreed to sell his remaining 23% stake for almost £10m.

“Founders can hang around too long, and I don’t want to be that person who needs to be told to go.”.

Riverford’s employee ownership deal comes after a tricky few years for the veg box company. »