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Sunday July 9th, 2023 night edition

image for Extremely overdue book returned to Mass. library 119 years later

library 119 years later “This came back in extremely good condition," New Bedford Public Library Director Olivia Melo said Friday.

New Bedford Public Library Director Olivia Melo, pulls the 100 year overdue book from the box shipped to New Bedford, Mass., from West Virginia University Library on Friday, July 7, 2023.

"An Elementary Treatise on Electricity" by James Clerk Maxwell was returned to the West Virginia University library one hundred years after it was taken out of the New Bedford Public library in 1903.

It would take 119 years and the sharp eyes of a librarian in West Virginia before the scientific text finally found its way back to the Massachusetts library.

Plein found the treatise and noticed it had been part of the collection at the New Bedford library and, critically, had not been stamped “Withdrawn,” indicating that while extremely overdue, the book had not been discarded.

“This came back in extremely good condition,” New Bedford Public Library Director Olivia Melo said Friday.

At that rate, someone returning a book overdue by 119 years would face a hefty fee of more than $2,100. »

‘This is a death sentence for me’: Florida Republican women say they will switch parties after DeSantis approves alimony law

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“On behalf of the thousands of women who our group represents, we are very disappointed in the governor’s decision to sign the alimony-reform bill.

We believe by signing it, he has put older women in a situation which will cause financial devastation.

“So what you can do right now, under case law, we now codify all those laws and make that the rule of law. »

WA's new Indigenous women's ranger team help threatened golden bandicoot survive

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A team of female Indigenous rangers is working to keep a threatened species alive by helping with its translocation from the Kimberley to the Northern Territory.

Golden bandicoots were once widespread in Western and Central Australia, but now their only mainland population is in the Kimberley region.

"We're anticipating pending approval to do a translocation of this threatened species into a fenced reserve in Central Australia," Dr Cameron said. »

Remember When Donald Trump Discussed Seizing Voting Machines and Invoking Martial Law? Special Counsel Jack Smith Sure Does

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Remember, back in 2020, when Donald Trump held a truly off-the-rails meeting in the Oval Office in which seizing voting machines and invoking martial law were discussed as part of a desperate, unhinged attempt to stay in power?

Special counsel Jack Smith apparently does.

Byrne responded to CNN’s reporting on Twitter early Friday morning, tweeting, “Hi Jack Smith, I take all responsibility. »

Macron blocks NATO outpost in Japan amid Chinese complaints

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Macron insists that NATO's outpost in Japan would risk shifting the alliance’s remit too far from its original focus | Ludovic Marin/AFP via Getty Images.

For months, NATO officials have been discussing plans to open a liaison office in Japan, which would represent the allies’ first outpost in the region at a time of growing tension between the West and China.

The leaders of Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand will attend the NATO summit in Vilnius next week for the second year in a row. »