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Tuesday July 4th, 2023 day edition

image for Legitimacy of ‘customer’ in Supreme Court gay rights case raises ethical and legal flags

Here’s a look at the legal questions surrounding the mysterious would-be customer, “Stewart:".

Smith’s lawyers maintained that she didn’t have to be punished for violating the law before challenging it.

Circuit Court of Appeals, which reviewed the case before the Supreme Court, found that Smith had standing to sue.

“It would make no sense to have fabricated a request because one wasn’t required for the court to decide her case.”.

An error like that — especially at the level of the Supreme Court — is highly unusual, legal experts say.

The solicitor general, who represents the government before the Supreme Court, apologized in a court filing this year for an “inaccurate statement” made to the court during oral arguments over a 2017 patent case.

Among them was an error in Shelby County v. Holder, which struck down part of the Voting Rights Act. »

Maryland man steals forklift from Lowe's and fatally mows down woman at Home Depot

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The suspect, Bryce Caleb Timothy Brown, 20, of Waldorf, “broke into the business, stole a forklift and rammed it through the rear gates,” according to the sheriff’s office.

Brown then drove the forklift to a Home Depot, which is about half a mile northeast of the Lowe’s, where he rammed a vehicle in the store’s parking lot.

“Officers who were investigating the initial burglary at Lowe’s canvassed the area and observed the forklift in the Home Depot parking lot. »

Ukraine warns of nuclear disaster as Russia orders staff to leave power plant

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KYIV – Ukrainian officials and intelligence officers warned Russia could be preparing to blow up a nuclear power station, leading to a radioactive environmental disaster.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russian workers have been told to leave the power station by July 5.

Earlier last month Ukrainian spy chief Kyrylo Budanov said Russia was ready to orchestrate a technological disaster at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. »

Vietnam bans Barbie film over disputed map of China’s South China Sea claims

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Vietnam has banned Warner Bros’s Barbie film from domestic distribution over a scene featuring a map that shows China’s unilaterally claimed territory in the South China Sea, state media have reported.

A photograph taken in August 2022 shows a fishing boat near Vietnam’s Ly Son island, close to a disputed archipelago in the South China Sea region.

Vietnam and China have long had overlapping territorial claims to a potentially energy-rich stretch in the South China Sea. »

Drug agency chief calls on China and Mexico to help stem US fentanyl crisis

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Drug Enforcement Administration administrator Anne Milgram has called for further cooperation from China and Mexico in the fight against the US’s fentanyl crisis.

With the US battling a worsening fentanyl crisis, since at least 2019 the majority of illegal fentanyl entering the country has been manufactured in Mexico using Chinese precursor chemicals.

And, of course, we have offices in the People’s Republic of China and all over Asia. »