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Monday July 3rd, 2023 evening edition

image for Josh Hawley's Wife Faces Calls to Be Sanctioned Over Supreme Court Case

Josh Hawley with his wife, Erin Morrow Hawley, at The Crossings Church on November 6, 2018, in Columbia, Missouri.

Smith named Stewart—and included a website service request from him that listed his phone number and email address—in court documents in 2017.

Read more Supreme Court LGBTQ "fake case" could be reversed—lawyer Supreme Court LGBTQ "fake case" could be reversed—lawyer.

Kaivan Shroff, an attorney, tweeted: "Zero surprise that it was insurrection supporter Josh Hawley's wife, Erin Hawley, who litigated the FAKE 303 Creative case in front of the Supreme Court.

Zero surprise that it was insurrection supporter Josh Hawley’s wife, Erin Hawley, who litigated the FAKE 303 Creative case in front of the Supreme Court.

Lorie Smith received the request at issue, and regardless, a request wasn't required for the Court to decide her case.

"Every American should be thrilled that the Supreme Court upheld free speech for all in 303 Creative (the lawsuit). »

Boy, 7, dies after falling from ferry and mother killed trying to save him

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Polish police spokesperson Mariusz Ciarka told the TVN24 broadcaster that it was impossible to save the lives of the two, both of whom were Polish citizens.

The tragedy occurred Thursday when the child fell into the water and the mother decided to jump in after him, Swedish Maritime Administration spokesperson Jonas Franzen told The Associated Press.

Ships and helicopters from Sweden and from NATO units that were in the area assisted in the rescue operation. »

‘Great news’: EU hails discovery of massive phosphate rock deposit in Norway

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By far the largest phosphate rock deposits in the world – around 50 billion tonnes – are situated in the Western Sahara region of Morocco.

In an emailed statement to EURACTIV, the European Commission welcomed confirmation of the massive Norwegian deposit of phosphate rock.

But phosphorous is also used in the production of solar panels and lithium-iron-phosphate batteries (LFP) for electric cars, as well as semiconductors and computer chips – although in small quantities. »

Vietnam bans Barbie film over disputed map of China’s South China Sea claims

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Vietnam has banned Warner Bros’s Barbie film from domestic distribution over a scene featuring a map that shows China’s unilaterally claimed territory in the South China Sea, state media have reported.

A photograph taken in August 2022 shows a fishing boat near Vietnam’s Ly Son island, close to a disputed archipelago in the South China Sea region.

Vietnam and China have long had overlapping territorial claims to a potentially energy-rich stretch in the South China Sea. »