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Friday June 30th, 2023 evening edition

image for Climate activist faces 10 years in jail for a fake letter ‘canceling’ an oil industry conference

A climate activist in New Zealand faces 10 years in jail after a court found her guilty of forgery for sending a fake letter to the speakers at an oil industry conference, telling them it had been postponed due to the climate crisis.

“I was trying to be creative,” said Penwarden, who is 64 and has been a climate protester since the birth of her grandson in 2011.

Five days before the conference, she sent the letter by email, purporting to be from oil industry organizers canceling the event until further notice.

It added: “Furthermore, despite our best efforts at secrecy, activists have discovered this year’s conference and were yet again planning noise and disruption.

But there is a silver lining to all of this: we will not be there to listen to that incessant chanting.”.

It was intended to be “satirical,” Penwarden said, to “ruffle the feathers” of the oil industry.

PEPANZ organizers told speakers that the letter was fake and the conference went ahead. »

Missing teen Esther Wang walks out of woods to family, no injuries

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The first people a missing B.C. teen saw when she emerged from a Golden Ears Park trail late Thursday were her parents, police say.

Esther Wang, 16, had been hiking with three other people through the Maple Ridge park on Tuesday.

However, when they headed back down to the campsite, after about 15 minutes of hiking, the group leader realized Wang was missing. »

Republicans claim Democrats can’t keep us safe – crime data disagrees

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Be it congressional campaigns or defending Donald Trump from his many legal entanglements, Republicans have kept up a consistent message to the US: Democrats can’t be trusted to keep you safe.

Jordan, who chairs the House judiciary committee, appeared to be ignoring data that shows New York is one of the safest cities in the country.

Republicans used that spike, along with broader crime concerns, as a cudgel against Democrats to successfully regain control of the House of Representatives two years later. »

China tells US to lift sanctions to reopen high-level military talks

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An official with the Chinese embassy called on the U.S. on Wednesday to lift sanctions against Beijing in order to reopen high-level military talks between the two superpowers.

“The US side knows the reason for difficulties in its military-to-military relations with China,” spokesperson Liu Pengyu said at a briefing, according to Bloomberg.

“It actually imposed unilateral sanctions on China.”. »