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Thursday June 29th, 2023 morning edition

image for Russian general who may have known about Wagner mutiny goes missing

Gen Sergei Surovikin is the head of the Russian aerospace forces and formerly Moscow’s supreme commander in Ukraine.

Prigozhin had welcomed his appointment to that post in 2022, calling him a “legendary figure” and “born to serve his motherland”.

The well-publicised links between Surovikin and Prigozhin have fuelled rumours that Surovikin may be purged or put under investigation for supporting the mutiny.

When Prigozhin launched his uprising, Surovikin made an unambiguous statement against it and in support of the Russian government late on Friday.

The reports of Surovikin’s knowledge of the plot, if confirmed, could help explain a lacklustre military response to the mutiny.

Just want to emphasize that Surovikin is the commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces, and Wagner shot down 7+ aircraft, including several aircraft that weren't armed.

The US president, Joe Biden, said on Wednesday it was hard to say whether Putin had been weakened by the mutiny. »

No tipping at Casa Bonita jobs, which charges for all-inclusive meals

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According to contracts reviewed by The Denver Post, Casa Bonita originally was planning to pay bartenders $14.27 an hour plus tips.

This shift also benefits our guests, who can enjoy Casa Bonita without incurring unexpected costs,” management said.

It has not yet been announced when or if Casa Bonita will begin welcoming walk-ups. »

Trump Talked About What Having Sex With Ivanka Might Be Like, Ex-Staffer Claims

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Taylor said he also witnessed Trump’s sexist behavior in meetings with Kirstjen Nielsen, who was secretary of homeland security from 2017 to 2019.

He said Trump would refer to Nielsen as “sweetie” and “honey” and critique the way she was dressed.

Donald Trump has a history of making inappropriate comments about his daughter Ivanka Trump, who worked as a senior adviser in his White House. »

Biden touts his economic record in fiery speech: ‘Guess what – Bidenomics is working’

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President Joe Biden touted his economic record amid continuing dissatisfaction among Americans with the state of the US economy, by saying his policies have proven effective.

Mr Biden delivered a fiery speech on Wednesday in Chicago where he sought to flip a term that the Wall Street Journal has used against him – Bidenomics – into a positive.

“I didn’t come up with the name, I really didn’t, I’m not offended by it,” he said. »