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Wednesday June 28th, 2023 morning edition

image for US targets Wagner Group over gold in Africa, days after mutiny

Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin is seen in Bakhmut in May 2023 footage of Concord, a company linked to the Russian mercenary group (Handout).

The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions aimed at disrupting gold mining activities that fund the Wagner Group in Africa, vowing to hold the mercenaries accountable for abuses days after they staged a mutiny in Russia.

"The Wagner Group funds its brutal operations in part by exploiting natural resources in countries like the Central African Republic and Mali," Treasury sanctions official Brian Nelson said in a statement.

"The United States will continue to target the Wagner Group's revenue streams to degrade its expansion and violence in Africa, Ukraine and anywhere else.".

The Wagner Group has been contracted by military regimes in Africa and played an increasingly violent role in Russia's invasion of Ukraine, with Prigozhin urging Putin to use even greater force.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller, previewing the sanctions earlier Tuesday, renewed his criticism of the Wagner mercenaries, who have been accused of wide abuses in Africa.

"And so we would continue to urge governments in Africa and elsewhere to cease any cooperation with Wagner," he said. »

Gambling ads should be banned within three years to tackle addiction crisis, parliamentary committee says

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Key points: A parliamentary committee is recommending banning all gambling ads during sporting events.

A parliamentary committee is recommending banning all gambling ads during sporting events There are serious fears children are being exposed to betting material, wrongly teaching them about gambling from a young age.

Ms Murphy argued Australians were among the biggest gambling losers anywhere in the world, and revealed previous attempts to regulate gambling advertising had failed to address the problem. »

Oregon Finally Legalizes Pumping Your Own Gas After 72 Years

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House Bill 2426 as proposed would require gas stations to staff half of the available pumps, but allows the other half to be self-service.

The provision in the bill to staff half of pumps reflects this statistic, effectively reopening gas stations that are understaffed.

From then, there have been staunch holdouts of full-service gas stations, the most famous of which is New Jersey. »

Guns Banned From Trump Speech at Republican Dinner

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Former President Donald Trump speaks to guests at the Oakland County Republican Party's Lincoln Day dinner on June 25, 2023, in Novi, Michigan.

During the event, where firearms were banned, Trump said he would "fully uphold the Second Amendment."

"I will fully uphold the Second Amendment," Trump said during his speech at the event. »

Wagner's Russia rebellion creates Africa uncertainty

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Wagner's structure must change because Putin can't allow a private force capable of mounting a rebellion to remain in its current form.

The move to absorb Wagner fighters into the Russian army is the first stage of that transformation.

Wagner clearly no longer has the Kremlin's backing and African leaders who lean on them must wait for power struggles in Russia to play out. »