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Sunday June 25th, 2023 night edition

image for He wanted to pet dogs for his 100th birthday. Hundreds lined up.

When Alison Moore began brainstorming ideas for her father’s 100th birthday celebration, there was one nonnegotiable for the festivities: Dogs needed to be there.

“He just love, love, loves dogs,” Alison Moore, 60, said of her dad, Robert Moore, who turned 100 on June 14.

In addition to a big family dinner on his birthday, Alison Moore and her two siblings wanted to do something extra to mark the milestone.

Since the posts got some traction, Alison Moore said, she expected 20 — maybe 30 — dogs to show up.

She was stunned when, shortly after the parade started at 11 a.m., more than 200 canines congregated, waiting patiently for their turn to be pet by her father.

“I was shocked,” said Alison Moore, explaining that some people drove more than 10 miles to attend the celebration.

“He was just so sweet and talking to the kids and petting all the dogs and saying their names. »

Maury Povich Lauches At-Home Paternity Test Company Called 'The Results Are In'

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Maury Povich is releasing a new at-home paternity test company called "The Results Are In.".

During those often explosive segments of the show, Povich would utter his famous catchphrase, "The results are in," before revealing a child's paternity.

Former daytime talk show host Maury Povich is releasing a new at-home paternity test called "The Results Are In." »

DeSantis calls medical marijuana 'very controversial' after fighting for it in Florida

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DeSantis calls medical marijuana 'very controversial' after fighting for it in Florida.

DeSantis even described medical marijuana as “very controversial” despite siding with supporters of Florida's program in the dispute over allowing patients to smoke the drug.

Yet within two months of DeSantis winning, Morgan was standing beside DeSantis during the press conference in Winter Park. »

Russia Slides Into Civil War

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His message was clear: The Russian military launched a pointless war, ran it incompetently, and killed tens of thousands of Russian soldiers unnecessarily.

In a slow, unfocused sort of way, Russia is sliding into what can only be described as a civil war.

In 1917, angry soldiers came home from World War I and launched another, more famous revolution. »

Petition Demands Alito Recuse From Student Debt Cases Tied to Billionaire Benefactor

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As you know, these cases will determine whether the Biden administration is able to deliver transformational student debt relief to more than 40 million working families...

The organization filed a consolidated amicus brief in Biden v. Nebraska imploring the Supreme Court to strike down the student debt relief plan.

"In Justice [Amy Coney] Barrett's own words, the ruling for student debt relief should be 'open and shut' in favor of mostly low-income families burdened with the crushing weight of student debt," Brewington added. »