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Thursday June 22nd, 2023 day edition

image for Postal worker dies in Dallas, woman found dead in Louisiana as temperatures reach record highs

A postal worker died on Tuesday while working his route in a Dallas neighborhood, according to the U.S.

Postal Service, as Texas continues to experience record-high temperatures.

USPS said it's implemented its Heat Illness Prevention Program for employees, and gives mandatory heat-related and safety training to all its employees.

"Our carriers deliver the mail throughout the year during varying temperatures and climatic conditions.

This includes during the summer months when the temperatures rise throughout the country.

Temperatures in San Angelo and Del Rio, Texas, hit all-time record highs on Tuesday, reaching 114 degrees and 113 degrees, respectively.

Temperatures will cool slightly after Wednesday with thunderstorms rolling through, but temperatures are still expected to be above seasonal norms. »

House fails to overturn Biden veto in effort to cancel student debt relief

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The 221-206 vote on attempt to overturn Biden’s veto of a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to end the president’s debt relief plan is officially dead in the water.

Beating Biden’s veto would have required two-thirds support in the House and the Senate — both of which passed the original resolution.

Republicans jumped on the opportunity, quickly introducing a CRA measure in the House attempting to stop the student debt relief. »

Chinese investment in U.S. startups under scrutiny for espionage

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“One of the requests for the investment was to know the details of the patent portfolio,” Raphael explained.

Similarly, the Department of Defense’s Office of Strategic Capital offers investment to startups to promote technological innovation.

Still, some American startups may find themselves in a bind — they’re increasingly aware of the possible risks of Chinese investment, but in a rough market are also increasingly desperate for funding. »