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Wednesday June 21st, 2023 morning edition

image for Judge rules Arkansas ban on gender-affirming care for transgender minors violates US Constitution

Brandt, a teenager, is among several transgender youth and families who are plaintiffs challenging a state law banning gender confirming care for trans minors.

A federal judge struck down Arkansas' first-in-the-nation ban on gender-affirming care for children as unconstitutional Tuesday, June 20, 2023. »

Missing Titanic Sub Once Faced Massive Lawsuit Over Depths It Could Safely Travel To

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Non-destructive testing was critical to detect such potentially existing flaws in order to ensure a solid and safe product for the safety of the passengers and crew.

The counterclaim also details a meeting at OceanGate’s Everett, Washington, facility with engineering staff where “several individuals had expressed concerns over to the Engineering Director.”

The OceanGate CEO, Stockton Rush, asked Lochridge to conduct a quality inspection of the Titan. »

Iceland suspends whale hunt on animal welfare concerns

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Iceland's government said Tuesday it was suspending this year's whale hunt until the end of August due to animal welfare concerns, likely bringing the controversial practice to a historic end.

"I have taken the decision to suspend whaling" until August 31, Food Minister Svandis Svavarsdottir said in a statement, after a government-commissioned report concluded the hunt does not comply with Iceland's Animal Welfare Act.

A recent monitoring report by the Food and Veterinary Authority on the fin whale hunt found that the killing of the animals took too long based on the main objectives of the Animal Welfare Act. »

Judge to unseal identities of 3 people who backed George Santos' $500K bond

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A federal judge in Central Islip, New York has agreed to unseal the court records showing the identities of the people who helped Rep. George Santos, Republican of New York, make bond in his federal criminal case.

Santos was released on May 10 on a $500,000 bond, after he was indicted on 13 federal criminal counts, including fraud.

He has sought to keep confidential the identities of the three people who helped him make the bond for his release. »

Tampa woman left her mansion and an inheritance to 7 cats

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Word around the neighborhood was that Sauer’s will stipulated that her cats must remain at the home, and that they receive an inheritance.

“Cats shouldn’t be left by themselves in a big house.

She also left a donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, but Silk said that they do not yet know the amount. »