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Monday June 19th, 2023 night edition

image for Using loophole, Seward County seizes millions from motorists without convicting them of crimes

In August 2020, flashing police lights stopped Christopher Bouldin’s van on this short ribbon of road as he headed west through Seward County.

Seward County deputies had just found $18,000 in cash rolled up in a blue sleeping bag in his backseat.

In the past five years, Seward County law enforcement has hauled in $7.5 million from forfeitures, according to county financial records and Department of Justice annual reports.

But, in Seward County, much of that money pours in from civil forfeiture cases like Bouldin’s.

“It doesn’t surprise me that Seward County is the leading county in these types of proceedings.”.

In the past decade, Seward has seized money in at least 90 state civil forfeiture cases, nearly double any other Nebraska county.

Money seized by civil forfeiture in Seward County is also rarely returned because it’s difficult and costly to fight. »

Trump lacked power to declassify secret nuclear arms document, experts say

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WASHINGTON, June 18 (Reuters) - Even when he was president, Donald Trump lacked the legal authority to declassify a U.S. nuclear weapons-related document that he is charged with illegally possessing, security experts said, contrary to the former U.S. president’s claim.

The special status of nuclear-related information further erodes what many legal experts say is a weak defense centered around declassification.

Document No. 19 is marked "FRD," or Formerly Restricted Data, a classification given to secret information involving the military use of nuclear weapons. »

Harvard Morgue Manager And Associates Charged With Trafficking Human Remains, Sold Parts Via Facebook And PayPal

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The morgue’s manager, Cedric Lodge, was part of a massive nationwide network that bought and sold human remains stolen from the university’s medical school.

They would also allow their buyers to come into the morgue and pick whichever parts they had their eye on.

One of the main buyers, Katrina Maclean, allegedly agreed to purchase two human faces for a total of $600. »

Build better ties instead of only asking for microchips, Taiwan tells Europe

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Europe cannot ignore Taiwan's desire for "better relations" if EU countries such as Germany are keen to acquire advanced microchip-making technologies from the island, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said.

In contrast, Wu called Japan and the U.S. — where TSMC plants will be completed next year — a "like-minded partner" and "a very good partner of Taiwan," respectively.

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu traveled to Europe to shore up diplomatic support from European leaders | Vladimir Simicek/AFP via Getty Images. »