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Saturday June 17th, 2023 morning edition

image for Biden says US is at ‘tipping point’ on gun control: ‘We will ban assault weapons in this country’

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He said those politicians who claim to be concerned about crime should realise that crime can’t be tackled without dealing with gun violence.

“The United States of America has the finest fighting force in the history of the world [and] provides … service members with the most lethal weapons on Earth.

“Every gun owner should be required to have the same requirements held to him or her,” he added.

Though chances of a federal assault weapons ban making it to his desk are slim to none given the composition of Congress, Mr Biden promised the gun safety advocates that he will “never stop fighting”.

“We will ban assault weapons in this country … we will hold gun makers liable, we will beat the gun industry,” he said. »

Pro-Trump Pastor Suggests Christians Should Be Suicide Bombers

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Right-wing pastor Kent Christmas urges Christians to "get a hold of some passion" & be willing to die: "You want to know why the Muslim faith has had its advancements?

In a recent sermon, a pastor at a Pentecostal church in Tennessee said Christians should be willing to die for their faith.

He then asked God to provide other Christians who are willing to do the same. »

He’s 56, retired ... and now playing college baseball

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Jim Fullan is fulfilling a dream as an outfielder for Montgomery County Community College.

“I never took the opportunity to play in college or continue to try,” the now-divorced father of three and grandfather of nine says.

“It’s nice to have dreams of doing things, but when you actually do them, it’s so fulfilling,” he says. »

Iowa Supreme Court prevents 6-week abortion ban from going into effect

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The Iowa Supreme Court prevented a six-week abortion ban that was signed into law several years ago from going into effect.

The court was split in a 3-3 decision Friday on the case, meaning abortion remains legal in Iowa.

The group wrote on Twitter, "The Iowa Supreme Court just preserved abortion access in Iowa by blocking a near-total abortion ban from taking effect. »

Comer Admits Nobody Has Heard From Alleged Biden Informant for Three Years

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Comer has said no one had had any contact with an alleged key source in his Biden investigation for least three years.

In May, Comer released a memo that did not provide any specific details of any corruption involving the president.

Comer previously told Fox News' Maria Bartiromo that they "can't track down" a key informant in the Biden investigation. »