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Sunday June 11st, 2023 evening edition

image for Russia continues to launch missiles on Ukraine because sanctions are ineffective – Ukraine's Air Force

Western sanctions against Russia have not been fully effective, and are continuing to enable Russia to manufacture new missiles, which it uses in attacks on Ukraine.

Source: Yurii Ihnat, spokesman for Ukraine’s Air Force, in an interview with Ukrainska Pravda.

Quote from Ihnat: "It’s clear that Russia has found ways to circumvent sanctions by relying on countries that continue to cooperate with it, and is receiving technical components that it can’t manufacture itself: boards, microchips, semiconductors.

All these elements make a missile work.

So I hope that sanctions will keep putting pressure on Russia.

If sanctions are implemented systematically, and if they are enforced, then we will be able to put Russia in its place.".

Details: Ihnat also said that even if Russia has a sufficient supply of components, manufacturing missiles takes a long time, because they have to be produced, tested, and delivered to launch systems, all of which takes time. »

I don't want to live in a country where Trump could be held accountable

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Show Caption Hide Caption AP Explains Trump indictment in documents case Former President Donald Trump is facing 37 felony charges related to the mishandling of classified documents.

What kind of country holds a president accountable for alleged crimes a grand jury charges him with?.

GOP sticking with Trump: Trump indicted again, and STILL Republicans flock to support him. »

Little penguin habitat in Tasmanian city of Burnie to expand into existing car park

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Little penguins are found in colonies across southern Australia The habitat for a colony of the penguins in the Tasmanian city of Burnie is being expanded.

The bright lights and loud noises of Burnie have not been a deterrent for hundreds of penguins who set up home on the foreshore in the north-west Tasmanian city.

Little penguins are found along the southern coastline of mainland Australia, but most of the population is in Tasmania. »

Florida woman who fatally shot a Black neighbor hurled racial slurs at victim's children, affidavit says

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A Florida woman who fatally shot a Black neighbor during a dispute over kids playing outside admitted hurling racial slurs at the children and told detectives the victim threatened to kill her, according to an arrest affidavit.

The arrest affidavit released from the sheriff’s Office said Lorincz became “angry” that neighborhood children, including the children of the victim, were playing near her home.

In a second interview with law enforcement, the affidavit said the defendant acknowledged using racial slurs toward children in the past. »

Sushi chain sues high school student who licked soy sauce bottle for $480,000

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A file photo showing the logo of sushi restaurant chain Sushiro, operated by Akindo Sushiro Co., outside a restaurant in Kawaguchi, Saitama prefecture, in Japan.

A sushi chain is suing a high school student for 67 million yen ($480,000) after social media footage showed him licking his finger then touching a plate of sushi as it passed him on the conveyor belt, Japan’s public broadcaster has reported.

The footage of the student also showed him licking a soy sauce bottle and a cup that he then placed back onto a communal pile. »