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Wednesday June 7th, 2023 morning edition

image for U.S. judge blocks Florida ban on care for trans minors in narrow ruling, says ‘gender identity is real’

Judge Robert Hinkle issued a preliminary injunction, saying three transgender children can continue receiving treatment.

The lawsuit challenges the law Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed shortly before he announced a run for president.

The record makes this clear,” Hinkle said, adding that even a witness for the state agreed.

Transgender medical treatment for minors is increasingly under attack in many states and has been subject to restrictions or outright bans.

But it has been available in the United States for more than a decade and is endorsed by major medical associations.

The lawsuit doesn’t address other language that makes it difficult to near impossible for adults to receive or continue gender-affirming care.

“The treatment will affect the patients themselves, nobody else, and will cause the defendants no harm,” Hinkle said. »

GPS Mistake Led Driver With 400lbs of Drugs to Canada Border, Arrested

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A 60-year-old American inputted the wrong GPS coordinates and ended up at the Canadian border.

Police say an inspection uncovered 400 pounds of cannabis and over $600,000 of cash in his car.

During the inspection, Canadian border officials found 181 kilograms (399 pounds) of cannabis, which police said is valued at between $269,775 and $539,552 in US currency. »

Serbia backs ammunition shipments to Ukraine in westward pivot

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Tunisian president suggests taxing rich as solution to fiscal problem

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[1/2] A man gestures while holding a picture of Tunisia's President Kais Saied as people rally in Tunis, Tunisia March 20, 2023.

TUNIS, June 3 (Reuters) - Tunisian President Kais Saied on Saturday suggested raising taxes on richer people could be an alternative to socially painful reforms as a means to secure an international financial rescue package.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni will visit Tunisia next week, Tunisian state media reported on Friday. »